Friday, August 14, 2015

Dear Alcohol And The Policy Makers -The Two Killers


'Alcohol' globally is a common problem or issues address in any forum yet nothing could be done so much and so far on this and no exception for small and pristine Himalayan Kingdom – Bhutan.

Having said this, Bhutan usually drops life every hour from alcohol-related diseases.  Ever since alcohol came to an existence life begun to decline so much. 

At times, I believe so much on 'carrying capacity of the Earth' that needed to be balanced but is it only through this culture or the ways to turn-over? Of course, the answer is both 'Yes and No'.

But, back to individual family is a huge lost that would incur many, many sad story of lost life, lost love and lost parents.

For a country where alcohol comes or manufacturers are getting a huge sum but of lost soul, lost faith, lost love and the lost happiness.

Nevertheless, learning so much fact, realities and the effects on it, why are our people still not get out of it and why are they still care-free? Is it drinking a Bhutanese culture without which we cannot ascertain life happenings or be a Bhutanese?

Is it that drinking will only make rational, sociable human circle or is it that alcohol is drinkable in every occasion or else what is so much deep, testiest and exquisite substances present in this drinks or is it the implementation of Laws not on right hands or individual not caring for life?

"A health ministry’s policy brief on alcohol control in urban Bhutan points out that, while Bhutan's laws and policies can control alcohol access and availability, the enforcement of these laws has been neglected for so long that the intentions of these laws have not translated into social benefits".                                                                              'Source:, dated Aug, 14, 2015 by Sonam Pelden'.

To this fact, Bhutan had lost countless lives by neglecting to enforce the set 'rules and regulation', some of which have been in place for over a decade but without anyone's caring it, so which why Bhutan a unique nation.

In a way any kinds of Alcohol drinks is available at any shops which makes our Youth go into it without the denying facts. The Laws are just inside the lost book, just spelled out during the time of framing and left un-attended thereafter. 

What if we can make Laws like that of banning of 'All Tobacco and its products'?

Like we say 'Bhutanese are good in framing but worst in implementing' is something really needed to be focused and a very fact that are just in front of us. Else there is no point framing so much of rules and regulations wasting so much of money besides so much of financial problems.

Even, the policy ephemeral pointed out last standing records with the National Statistics Bureau, which show that "the economic burden of alcohol in Bhutan amounted to Nu 5 billion in 2014, four times higher than the Nu 1 billion it earned in economic returns". Which worry even more for the coming year?

Moreover, I could see so many of our youth already into the culture of drinking and with this how far would this country withstand its economy is simply in 'big question mark'? 

So, where do we stand in consuming alcohol? ...into this we needed wise Youth and many great 'Think-Tank rather than 'Drink-Tank' so to cut the economy crisis and to bind happy family circle ever.

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