Monday, August 24, 2015

My Story

Like most people. I've encountered my own share of difficulties in the veg world. I've learnt a kind of regimen that is deeply rooted in my heart far and beyond.

As a boy and having learnt bits of Buddhist beliefs inside the classroom, I've realized that eating of meat is a complete sinful act and against the law of Buddhism. So, with all of these I became vegetarian but greatly lost the path owing to some reasons.

But anyway, in-between '2009 to 2013' I'd a good chance to be outside the sinful cycle. But, having undergone so many difficulties at home and around the social culture I finally had to quit the veg world. Of course, Buddhism is so much against this practice yet I couldn't escape this truth.

The main problem was when I was with my family members and moreover the home menu ends-up in non-veg. Although the big idea of becoming veg is great but at times we face so much of difficult situations to manage when eighty per cent of the home dishes are covered with meats. And moreover the person working inside the kitchen faces yet another hard times preparing different curries just for one or two person. So, having seen and experienced so much of family inconveniences I’ve quitted the idea of my vegetarian world.

The next challenges was - my parents being so much concern about me and my health, they did not like my idea of becoming vegetarian. As from the very ancient time till today there is a kind of traditional and hierarchical beliefs behind eating of meats. Since, they believe so much on meat being the primary source of energy in the body – it's like if someone does not take meats they’re most likely to be catch by pools of diseases and even die with scarce protein level in the body and same was well formulated to me by my parents. Therefore, having known their feelings I’ve put a break to veg world.       

But, having born to this land and having a deep sense of culture and tradition of humanism I've learnt buckets and buckets of wisdom. So, during the course of my vegetable world I've faced numerous hitches but still I'm proud to be with the every happening.

Nevertheless, now I'm happy with my decision, even I made my parents, friends and relatives happy by turning back to non-veg world, because we believe so much in 'flesh and bone'.

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