Friday, August 21, 2015

Slaughter House Vs Being Vegetarian ---I

Isn't it so funny if truly Buddhist country demands to have slaughter house in place or hate the idea of becoming vegetarian? As far as Buddhism is concern and known the view as I see is something absurd and unreasonable. 

The very purpose of Buddhism is defeated or crushed if Bhutan by chance comes up with the idea of installing slaughter house in the country, near to the disposal or easy source. Then, we do not need any greatest discoveries to come under limelight literally by more 'flesh and bone' business.

The hardest term as I could see and experience is the suffering for 'Death or Death penalty or trying to escape the reality of Death'. When no one likes the ultimate realm of dying or fears to die why is we still consume and feed on blood, bones and the flesh of other beings which is very much same as human beings.

When human fears from Death so much, then why is there no exception for other animals that also fears Death penalty as much as human-beings. Otherwise, they have right to freedom of Death; they'd be well protected with utmost laws? Then the purpose of slaughter house and slaughtering of animals should be offhand or should not be the concept.  But, do we really like the concept of turning ourselves to vegetarian? Do we really support the idea if someone walk up to us and talk something on becoming vegetarian?

Although, Bhutan being one of the highest profile countries in saving of life by not consuming any of the flesh and bones but the present scenario is just opposite of what one thinks-off. Plus, despite of many encounters and advocating yet rush in the meat junction is more alarming now a day. Then, are we doing justice to our animals which have also soul like ours, who also wanted peaceful Death and all, worry free life.

So, shall we proudly uplift the hand saying that we're still living in one of the original Buddhist country or being father of Bhutan and being the savior for many beings?

Thus, simply by coming-up with many outsources for meat junction or slaughter house, are we not going against the laws of Buddhism?

Nevertheless, just by simply banning the issuing of meat shop licence; in a way we're saving millions of life. On the other hand even one person quitting or put a stop to eating of flesh and bones can save millions of life. 

Then, why can’t we give a try by stopping eating of meat for a moment, for a day, for a week, for a month, for a year and so and finally putting a stop.  If the case is done then shall we declare job well done for the cost of saving millions of living-beings. 

                     ---to be continued...

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