Sunday, August 23, 2015

Slaughter House Vs Being Vegetarian ---II

Can it be wise to state that life is only in 'flesh and bones' recipe? If it's not true, then let’s be vegetarian. Since, there are so many prominent living examples today. Who lived their life without even depending on this recipe? Still they're living a life. Isn’t it true?

There're many research based approach of understanding healthy life by being vegetarian. Plus many researches pointed out that, the amount of proteins or energy booster present is significantly more and better in vegetables than in meats.

So, do we like simply growing healthier by consuming more complex protein that comes from the meat or simple and digestible proteins form vegetables? In a way we're worsening our own immune system by putting ourselves into difficult situations.  

Do you still bear the heart to continue eating of 'flesh and bones'? Do you still bear the pain of animals or Death penalty animals has to undergo? Do you still say you're a true Buddhist or the true son of this land?

Then, there are not better points than this to put a stop to eating of 'flesh and bones'. There are so many other courses of better healthy habits than just into eating of meats. It is also proven that the protein that one gets from vegetables is hundredth times better and cleaner than any other source of proteins/energy.   

Perhaps, by becoming veg we're cutting-down so many harsh diseases that one incur from eating of meats. The way is open for anyone wishing to put a stop to non-veg diet and begin a healthy course of living a life.

In the process of consuming different meats, we're putting ourselves into more complex situations rather than becoming healthy. Of course, we get so much of proteins from the meat we consume. But, as proven the proteins that comes from is so complex that further weaken the system rather than improving better life.  The protein that comes from animals takes more time to convert into usable energy and back into proteins. In fact, it's so complicated to break down the packets of proteins that come along with meat into digestible energy.  

Do you still believe in being non-veg is healthier than someone with veg-diet, the choices is still open and yours?

Why these days we're experiencing complicated diseases? It’s simply the cycle is on from other animals carrying a multi-part diseases. Who know some of the diseases we get today would be the diseases of animals that come while eating as energy sources. Since, we became too dependent on 'flesh and bones'. Isn’t it true?   

The minute we hear someone talking about saving life we hardly think of actual suffering of the animal, so is the case we think of becoming a vegetarian.  Then there is no point of life in us. There is no point to share we are the true Buddhist. There is no point to inform that we save life, we work for other, and we have more compassion and feelings for other beings. It's all into waste if we still go on with is habits. 

If you want to become healthy and overweight then choose a path of predatory. But, if you indeed wanted to become healthier, stronger and disease free life then, choose a middle path by becoming herbivorous.

The core energy booster is not far it’s just near and even not so expensive. We just need to choose it wisely and seize into daily recipe over 'flesh and bones' that make life better over millions of contaminated energy. 

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