Monday, August 10, 2015

The Other Side Of The Life -- II

On many curl of his fate, he'd finally grown wiser and richer. So, many good things had happened after his cow disappeared into the jungle, nowhere to be found. Now, he became completely processed man.

Standing alone at the dingy corner of his poorly built house, he thought to have house rites, to withstand his lost cow and to add some more good fortune.  As he'd seen his astute and better-off neighbours performing but un-known of the actual facts he wanted to have one.

Since, life had kicked him several times before and he even was almost thrown out from the village during those bad situations.  

Reflecting all those times, he wanted to better his life. So, he went on possession of someone who knows about the rites in nearby village and luckily found one. He had fixed the date and time for the house rites. After that he proceeded to buy the items required and almost past mid-day he reached to the nearest shop in the village.

The shopkeeper was so shocked upon seeing that changed poor man in a neat uniformed. After resting for some-time, he started to spell out the items to the shopkeeper. But shopkeeper being so clever, he'd tamed that old man overly on so many cleaver calculations and even mis-treated him while giving mustard-oil for a penny. That shopkeeper even back-fired him on how much oil should he give him for the penny?

So upon that question, old man said 'give me any aggregate of oil worth that money'. However, to satisfy and balance the amount the shopkeeper gave him just few cuffs of oil drops from the back side of his ladle.

Being that was the last items he started to pack all his items since he sensed the dusk is un-folding soon after.  

He started his back journey as soon as he'd completed his work. He was little worried on whether he can reach home safely on time or not. Besides this the conversation triggered him over and again. 'His penny and the oil', he thought.  

But very soon after the departure of that old man, 'the shop started to functions loosely, immediately decelerated the sales and even some of the items turned into functioned-less'. So, unsure of the causes and the effect, the shopkeeper instantly thought about the day's particulars and the deeds onto the poor old man.

He quickly rushed to that old man and begged for forgiveness but unknown of the fact that old man denied the request. Upon several request the man agreed and accepted the request but not so decisively.  

The shopkeeper wanted him to get back as he wanted to offer him the full aggregate of oil that he can get in a penny. Man denied the fact and persisted aghast for some moment affirming that it's all fine for him.

On several request and explanation of what had happened to his shop. The old man finally accepted and returned back to the shop.

So, this time the shopkeeper offered him the right amount of the oil a penny worth. After that and before he'd left for home, the old man shared shopkeeper about the small house rites he'd planned the next day at his place and even he invited the shopkeeper for his house rites. 

                                                                                              be continued...     


  1. An interesting story sir. Longing to read part III.

  2. Looks like the man's luck is about to turn. :-)

  3. Way back and for sure...but with suspense...thanks you tow for the comments.


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