Friday, August 14, 2015

The Other Side Of The Life ---III

It was almost noon when his new friend 'shopkeeper' reached at his place to attend the house rite.

"I made my way out of shack, lost in thoughts. I've come from the Woodland village, simply to attend this program," stated the shopkeeper in inquisitive tone.

By the time he reached, the program was in full hand and he was little confused on how to proceed upon. However, the old man's hospitality and warmth made him cosy, happy and homely.

Besides old man, he also got to interact with so many new faces or people of different works of life or simply grounds which he ne'er had before made him feel more happy.

The rite was all in full move.  The crowd was so engrossed into and finally around dusk time the rite got over with everyone coming together into final prayers. So, this prayers made him feel satisfied and he could realized that unlike diverse culture, believes and tradition everyone are the same but in different clothes.

Even the very gathering made him feel upright, humane and being helpful is only the ultimate goal and the total survival of life, plus nothing could over-do the best and the kinder heart.

Having learnt so much of good living, nature of more humble mankind and the changed mind-set perhaps he also wanted to have one such rite. So, then and there he'd fixed the date with the rite holder and he also had warmly invited everyone present at his 'house rite three days late'.

The right next day, the lost/missing cow was back home with same health made him so happy.  Plus, the son who had gone missing for last 'twelve years' came back home much content made him extremely happy. The joy of getting back his son and his aged cow made him richer than the real wealth a man possessed.

Finally, the poor man attended the house rite of that greedy shopkeeper in turn. However, in a way he taught him how to survive hard life and to overcome life's difficult circumstances, even though he just had survived with few luxurious lives. 

                                                                                                        Theme: 'Being Kind and positive'...

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