Monday, August 17, 2015

The Phone And The Sex

The material beauty and the charm of living a life these days has become so insane, complicated and ridicule. Although, nothing could really define the processing of this present human-circle than this but the reality is simply disturbing, rattling and unsettling.

One's private life had really no longer seemed private because of all existent advancement into technological aspects. And nothing could really replace this curl human mind than this rather into more complex and poisoned.  

I'm trying to highlight on the 'sex clips' that are being pooled out viral on mobile voice messaging app called 'WeChat' recently.

Where in the world of Buddhist country is this secret and the compassionate mind of our people has gone today? Is it that the advancement of the world had driven them too far than ever? We talk so much about serving and saving other but where we humbly stand to this statement?

This had totally hunted my mind and the minds of thousands. So, this particular move had made me think of different situations about the actions of our dear people today.

However, passing that close or so private video clips to any circle of friends and colleagues through different services, what did that person gain in turn so much and so different?  What does everyone catch out of it? What's the point that hidden person trying to convey through that message? Is it someone trying to un-fold the hidden secret or trying to pour back the hatred just by sharing private happening in public?

So, stepping into somebody's secluded life in this way is honestly an illegal act. Whoever had done this is totally inhumane. Just by making someone's private life public what was the gain? Who knows at this era - the next moment it could be your family members and at that point what would be the public view and so does the self? Nevertheless, pain becomes pain until things befall on us. We ne'er realize the pain of other being Bhutanese.

When private matters that should endure private are made public, it would unquestionably bring so much of ineffable pain and shame to individuals making their survival difficult in society.

We've many, many country's protocols for sexual contents distributors, but it seemed that they're not so working well in place. I could see the laws are not being put in place when things go wrong. It is seemingly becoming a talk and merely a written text without serving the purpose when in need else the law must fix this act.  So, with this I could sense and foreseen the future to have more severe laws against anyone for sharing or passing sex clips or contents.

This type of common actions can be curved to lesser extent only when all of us work together, let's try to put a stop to it. What we all need is to be careful and watchful with open mind and the eye. Moreover, if anyone is found mete out videos of private nature, report it to the police. It'll cost nothing but route it to great help to the land.

Perhaps, all we needed is to be cooperative and the serving heart amongst ourselves else the future of Bhutan is gone and erstwhile there are many chances of losing self-identity to heartless people around.  

Let’s say 'No to sex in the phone and the Camera' even it is for personal use.


  1. I have even seen such clips in our national dress. I am really surprised. I think the performers must perform secretly. Once the performers make consensual video it spreads like a wild fire.

  2. I guess its more than any...thanks


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