Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Rarest Collection

His Majesty, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck was an incarnate embodiment of cultural uniqueness and the greatest source of political, spiritual and secular rightfulness. He worked determinedly and gallantly to re-assert Bhutan's independence and sovereignty, with rare qualities that present society no longer finds in its leaders.

Throughout his reign, His Majesty had foregone his personal comforts for his citizen's goodness and the benefit. His Majesty also acted so well for not only for the benefit of the Bhutanese people, but also for the entire world so selflessly.

When abdicating in favor of the Crown Prince, His Majesty handed over to the Bhutanese people the more affluent, free, sovereign, peaceful and democratic Bhutan. He'd done what he'd promised to the people safely. That was why His Majesty's untimely retirement became a rare history for the people of Bhutan and perhaps, even for the entire world.

Within a small Himalayan Kingdom of over few lakhs people in hands, His Majesty is deeply honoured as one of the rarest incarnation by every citizen. For his altruistic services and numerous accomplishments, he occupies a space in every Bhutanese heart and everyone cherish his reign as the 'Golden Time' in the history of modern Bhutan. 

So to revere and remember, His Majesty's sixtieth Birth Anniversary I personally would like to 'Thank His Majesty' for his kind and considerate good heart for his entire people of Bhutan throughout his reign. 

                                                            '...Thank You and Thank You, Your Majesty...'

The Rare Collection on His Majesty -K4

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