Monday, August 31, 2015

This September

This beautiful and subtle September,
the flowers of mid-summer,
admired by many, many lovers,
some yet to blossom and some flourishing,
are slowly growing older by the sun-light
 Of this coming September.

The tweeting sounds of lively birds,
deep down that thickened woodlands,
becoming thinner by the ending day,
Shows the end of this long summer-break.

 Every hysterical minds calling this big September,
full in full, side by side, come this September,
I'll gonna ensemble Great man's day event,
To forget all that hell glimpses.

This September come with so tariff, challenging,
of time, speciality and rareness all entangled,
uncertainty of hope makes hesitation grow full and full.
to understand the life harshness and delightful,
 with dubious feelings, so is This September.

On set of this September, romance and in rift,
the lovely heart must answer the needed call,
feelings and emotions,
Never to blinded again, This September,

Many, many and countless similar September,
comes and goes,
But, never of 'This September' kinds, 
never to unfazed any humanity, 
even never to shove someone minds deep,
'This September'.

The solitude this onset September,
is gonna bit and piece different,
gonna be like snippet in this,
techno-logic scene,
But, this September would,
remain long Historic excursion...  

And I Welcome with my heart open,
'This Big September'!


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