Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Book Review

John Brenkus's, 'the perfection point': A novel from United States of America (2012) is a book that talks about the perfection point, energy, essence of games and sports. Perhaps, it is something that is deeply rooted and liked by many although it is hard to reach to the point. The story of where and how exactly does it going to end is also vividly reflected but in confusion.

Basically this book talks about the legitimate questions of - how fast, how far, how high and how precise one can hit the target to remain in the history???...

Although, it is completely anomaly to certain exactly how does every game point ends and how perfectly does it going to end is something we need to ruminate over neuroscience. 

Are there an absolute limits in the field of sports? Is there some speed no runner will ever exceed? A weight no power lifter will ever hoist above his head, even a thousand years from now and that is exactly no one can predict.

This book records for the world best and the fastest completion of a New York Times crossword under Guinness book conditions – impressive to be sure but this doesn't really answer the question posed. World records tell us how well people have done and how far people has reached , they tell us how well they can perform but not certain when shall the final limit would reach. It has also record of some of the supreme sports records of the world, but it isn't the best that will ever be run, lift and hit. The author was of the view that any time every sports record gets broken sooner or later posing new records and the prediction is absolutely out of line.

But does it end? Is there a limit to how fast it's possible to run the marathon or how far one can lift the iron against the gravity ball or how precisely one can shoot an arrow?

Just forty years ago, Jim Hines ran 100 meter in under 10 seconds. But, now Usain Bolt is inching close to the 9:50 seconds mark, beseeching the question of exactly how fast can a human run.

Initially what we'd thought was 10 sec the final point, no lot of human being can ever cross this point, but time has come finally to believe that same distance can be covered in shorter time than the recorded. Perhaps, Usain Bolt from definite practices time and again, has made us believe that the power of every being to cross the point of world records is still possible, the limit no man can cross has come closer than what is expected before some decades and that is exactly the point where the new world records kept changing.

Utilizing the cutting edge science to examine incredible physical coups in the most elite sports, John Brenkus uncovers what it takes to reach the perfection point – absolute athletes can inch closer to but never exceed certain limit that no man can ever reached. However, looking at the crucial balance between physical stamina and emotional drive of every man, this book is an ultimate guide to the furthest limits of human performance.

Nonetheless, through bucking for several decision and findings of so far he came to the conclusion that, 'practically it is impossible to predict on the perfection point of the sports'. Does it really going to end?

                                                                                    ...precision beats power is never wrong...

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