Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Pema Euden - Author
A book titled 'Lomba' was authored by Pema Euden, who also had written 'Home Coming' when she was 12 years old and became the youngest Bhutanese author.

I wish her a prosperous life ahead and hope to see her writing more books in future. I wish she too would like the words and the sentences as much as I do and as much as I'm in love for it. I wish her book would float all over Bhutan and even around the world.  
A Book Titled - Lomba
The generous and the heart felt news was when she had declared that her first 500 copies of Lomba are being sold at the Tarayana Centre in Thimphu and 30 percent of the earnings was donated to Tarayana Foundation. It is assured that her kind gesture of helping others at this age would definitely bring her more prosperity in her life, to her family members and to the other book lovers. Nevertheless, we would never stop to pray for her good health and more fortune to unfold her way at least by grasping one book each.

Pema Euden, who is from Paro, study Mathematics in the US. I wish she would successfully complete her studies and come back home with more forte, fortune and ideas and with rich cultural diversity of Foreign land. Nevertheless, we will pray she would never forgets to bring and bind mixed cultural exchange in both the countries.  

However, this book had added one more list in my reading corner. I wish to earn one personal copy and hope little of my indirect contribution would help our needy child around the country. Happy Reading...LOMBA

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