Thursday, June 9, 2016

Marriage Pie

When every women desires to have a baby and a family, however for some Pakistani women the story is different?

I've seen many parents adopting someone's child as their own when they can't have their own due to some 'Gene Defect' and some even go to an extend of having baby through artificial means. 

When mother has given life to her child, she is also ever ready to take away the life of her own child. 

Despite any circumstances, everyone deserve equal shares of freedom and right to enjoy his or her life. However, for a Pakistani girl the right is not at her hand. A girl who'd married recently without her parent's consent was tortured, doused with fuel and burnt alive. What a selfish act from her own mother? Once a lovely child, then a nuisance and destined to be burnt alive by her own Mother.
Why a mother can't understand her daughter's feelings over her personal choice of marriage or a partner, where she too had gone through the same path?

What so ever is the societal norms for marriage, it shouldn't be against someone's choices and it shouldn't harm anyone anyway? As far as I know and feel it shouldn't be the parent's choices for someone's marriage or selection for a partner - it is not the parent who'll going to spend rest of the life. Getting married is totally a personal matter and a choice. Marriage shouldn't be with the religious norms, color of the skin, high or low cast, rich or poor. If we're making such a naive decision then we're dividing ourselves.   

Of course, we need to look upon some serious matters but not to the extent of where someone is being killed and jailed for getting married to someone. We really need to eliminate such conservative rules on 'love and marriage' at this age of modernization.

To put someone to death upon getting married is something that we need to learn as a parent. Although, the attitudes of many parents are still the same, societal attitudes unchanged through greater education yet if we work collectively we can address this social norms. Now, it's time to think collectively and time to put end to this unrealistic ideology.

Who knows one day this system may also creep slowly into our society. Before, it is late - let us stop such activities to take a root in our soil collectively.  

Let's not make a religion, cast, creed, color, rich and poor a reason to take away someone's right to living which brings unnecessary idealistic in the human circle. 

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  1. I read about that young woman in the news. It's so very sad.


  2. Hi, Sancha! I'm glad I saw your comment on Janie Junebug's blog. I thought that you had stopped blogging, but I'm glad to see that you haven't. I have been traveling much of March through June, so I've been absent a lot myself. I don't understand these kinds of killings. It is very difficult for me to contemplate them. I commend you for speaking out against them. Many horrible things happen in our world, but this is one of the hardest for me to understand. I hope that one day soon we'll stop killing women for marrying someone they love. Have a good one!

    1. Thank you so much for the well-wished comments. I know what it is to be under such conditions when the right isn't given as it is to be.Its thoughtful we need to eliminate such unrealistic feelings against anybody and especially women always becoming a victim for any cases...thanks


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