Friday, June 24, 2016

Photography GUN - II

Who can Gift me this Great GUN on my '28th Happy Birthday’, that falls on 15th March of every year.
But it would be too expensive to Gift one during his/her birthday.
What I can do now is simply blackmail - Donald Trump to Gift me one saying I'm his keen followers, supporter and probably an Idol.  
It is the longest ever telephoto lens to shoot a long, long range objects without one going closer.
If I wanted to buy or earn one of this lens I needed to sell some portion of my land.
Which for no doubt my father would lash me off before this news gets into his ear.
For having born with some Idiot thoughts.
I am here just to dream and dream - longing after longing for the longer lens. 
Checkout this almost 3ft/1m long Nikon 1200mm Nikkor-P.C f/11 lens (with AU-1 focusing unit)
Only 359 pieces were produced. 
Nikon 1200mm f/11 lens

Dream - I

Dream - X

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