Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Remembering Social Forestry Day – 2nd June

As a nature lover the most awaited day for the year is the 2nd June, substantial in many ways. This is a day to pay back our homage for the Mother Earth by giving back what we have consumed for centuries for survival.  

Great Monarch - King Jigme Singye Wangchuck
The Social Forestry Day in Bhutan was launched under the wise leadership of Fourth Druk Gyalpo in 1979, with the aim to protect and to promote our natural environment same throughout the generations.  

On this special day, I would never forget my great and visionary king – King Jigme Singye Wangchuck - A Global Champion of Earth for his inordinate idea of preserving nature. It is also a day for every Bhutanese citizens to think and realize on how important it is to nurture a tree.

It was exactly on this day - eighteen years before, my teacher taught me to plant a tree, imparted a sense of how single tree plays its role in the society and to preserve our environment for our children. It was on this day my teacher taught me to spell the words – 'Social Forestry Day', but until I reached class IV I didn't really know what it is meant to be. While having grown up into this society, I finally could realized that the importance is beyond infinite until I reached to class X. Then, I was a fully grown up boy who knows what is good for self and the surrounding.

Did you plant a tree without waiting for this day? At least as a boy I've planted good numbers of saplings around my school campus. I'm sure at this time it must be generating some fresh air and some shelters for some living beings. This is a greatness of planting trees around, 'we get back what we give'.

Forests plays vital role in providing - food, shelter, clothing, fuel, water, soil and oxygen that we use for our survival are supposedly comes from the environment that we make.  

Of late, Bhutan has promised and committed to remain not only carbon neutral but to greater carbon negative which is to keep planet safe for all times to continue life existence. But, are we doing enough to keep up the promises of our Kings and the leaders? The only way forward to make a climate smart environment is to have more trees.

Do we always need to wait for this day to plant a tree? If not do we plant a tree that gives us safe life, safe environment?

Let me take this chance to beseech the honest assurance of each individual Bhutanese citizens in conserving our natural resources for all generations by planting a tree sapling each, that can generate sacred and beautiful life for all.

Let's work together to keep clean, safe and pristine environment by planting a tree each on this day.

                         Theme for 2016 - "Plant and Nurture Trees for a Green and Healthy Environment",


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