Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Quality of a Good Teacher
With the late introduction of twenty-first century's teaching pedagogy into classroom use, our student wanted their teachers to be with the best quality - physically and mentally. The main aims of introduction of this latest strategy is not to deem our teachers and students rather it is to make our education system more firm, reciprocate and better.

It is good to have a supportive parents and good curriculum for better education. But, more importantly it's far better to have a quality and well set-up teachers in place to deliver the subject matters and that is how we called it 'a education'.
A good teacher is the one who - let his/her students play games and insist to share some educational jokes, respect his/her students, comes on time and teach well, gives short notes, beat students when they fail to do work on time, teaches through the use of ICT, takes students in different places for learning, never hurt students physically, uses board to teach, understand student’s problem, conducts more activities for the topics, is friendly and frank with students, explains topics in detail, gives less homework and classwork, uses proper commanding language while teaching, inspires always, is active and teaches with heart, is a happy person, check notebook on time, is hardworking and sincere, do not discriminate among high or low achieve and rich or poor family background.
If these qualities are there in our teachers, then only our students are going to call us a good teacher. 


  1. In the U.S., the states have very strict rules about how a teacher must teach and what must be taught. It's disheartening. It removes much of the love from teaching, and takes out all flexibility.


  2. But, here in Bhutan the system is just reversed. They only put more burden on teachers with less salary and incentives but in turn everyone wants more and much from the teacher side only. What we wanted in our system is to have better and reliable rules in place with greater salary and values...
    Thanks for sharing your system ...
    Sancha Bdr Rai


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