Monday, June 6, 2016

Water - The Unquestionable Element

One of the precious gift of the nature, a basic component for the survival of every living creatures on earth is water. A combination of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen makes water molecule which support trillions of life on Earth. Water in general can be define as 'a source of life'. Management on the other hand can simply be defined as - a method or the process of preserving and protecting water for future generation which can collectively help us to maintain sustainability of water.
Over the years, with modernization and human revolution, safety of water is becoming extremely questionable. Although, around one-third of Earth is covered by water, over the period of time severity of water is becoming prominent features in the world. Expansion of human activity such as establishment of mega manufacturing plant and agriculture activities - road construction further exaggerated the life of clean drinking water, which in return bring about massive environmental calamities/disaster for human-being.

Massive distraction of forest by means of developmental activities, forest fire and expansion of motorable roads and infrastructure exert huge pressure on existing forest. A destruction of forest has a direct impact on water scarcity.

As a result of such disturbances on nature, there is unexpected natural disaster such as drying up of water sources, pollution of water bodies and climate change. The disturbance of nature attributes to the livelihood of the creatures which depends on nature for its survival. - collectively we CAN!

Over the period of time human actions gave its way for global warming thus resulting in climate change. While if we see a global scenario on the scarcity of water, we'd easily make out how fast our water sources are depleted and exposed for a greater risk of drying up. Around the globe if we see, people are desperately crying for the need of drinking water. If we continue with the same phase of developmental activities without considering these important natural components, we would end up where we cannot revive it at any cost.   

Let's safe water to save Life on Planet. 

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