Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chamkhar Town on Fire!

Source: Taken from His Majesty's personal Facebook page.
Yet again for the fourth time, Chamkhar town was on fire. "What do we expect worse than this, the occurrence of man-made disaster?" It is whom to put on the blame when no one cares for it responsively. And I am certain that the case will only last fugitively for few months until someone can escape the door of law. Our heartless people behave as if they are from another planet.

Till today no one was traced for the cause, the culprit was still at large and no one seemed to understand the ground reality of the fire out-break? Was it an accident or planned or someone purposely did to punish some people living in the locality. If - this is surely a very cruel act, the act – beyond the punishable law.

Just imagine how someone had lost their long standing hardships and sweat into someones few minutes mistakes unto flames. This is never a GNH action! Now what had remains back of the town, - nothing more than the fire-ash, the final ruins. There it remains untouchable. This act was so venturesome yet it had happened, the act of the barbarian. But, I bet you this will never go unpunished. Just wait and see.

Chamkharpaas! You all should know that there are some people lying beneath the hell of your ass. They will always wanted to harm and pull you down. Did you know how someone have morally murdered you? I would rather suggest you all to run away from the place and start your life. That would be far better and wise.

Whatever, maybe the cause we have seen our mighty king who have had led his mission by himself to the rubble site generously was something immeasurable. I am sure - His Majesty’s immediate presence in the place would have relieved our people so much.

Although, you all might have lost all your homes and belongings in the flame yet you have never lost your King and the family. It’s time to stand and reunite again.

Nevertheless, more than you, it is time for the one who had carelessly and heartlessly burnt down your homes, the community's town into ashes to realize that the punishment be million times more lawful and severe than how some of the house had engulfed into flames. As long as this type of hide and seek game will continue to mask, this type of disaster will continue to shine in this land? Remember your ass will also get burnt very soon!

I don’t know if it is purely accidental but I am seldom otherwise be happy to watch Chamkhar town grow up once again alike. I see a clear repose that neither you nor I can control but to remain helpless watching same homes over again into flames.

"Was it an accident, even God himself is helpless".

My king, your unprecedented love for your country and people is immeasurable – beyond Einstein’s third law of motion!

My king, under your generous and visionary leadership we feel no different family, we continue to enjoy peace, harmony and tranquility.

My king, may your highest Kingship will always shine bright like sun rays – beyond the horizon of the blue sky!

However, we will never stop to pray for your continued good health and prosperous life. I often and instinctively echoed the words in my heart so much what you have once said – “I will protect you and serve you as your son and not as a King”. No angel in heaven could be more beautiful than you, my lord, my king.

May once again the seed of peace and happiness will continue to shine in the hearts of our Chamkharpaas.

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