Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Shoe Man!

Shoe Man of Phuentsholing Town
The only brave and the handsome Cobbler I have found in the heart of Phuntsholing town is this man. The man who have been doing this job for all most three decades.

I could see this job one of the most important, reliable, available and affordable jobs in the market one can always pursue beside any qualifications.

If not now – when shall we fulfill the aspiration of our Monarchs, the long-term dream of becoming independent nation?

He is on the whole a very fair and hardworking man in his late fifties, trying hard to realize the needs and the demands of our people around. I would call him a "The Golden Man!"   

But, how many of us would readily accept such job opportunity, when the demand is very high? I bet you, very few would choose to be in his place. Since, we have a very deeply rooted notion to level this job a ‘third class work or only an Indian or labor do this job’, as if all the Bhutanese are like Emiratis. As if Bhutan has all the Oil Source in their homes. As if everyone is like Bill Gates.  I call this a nonsense radical thinking!

Are we ready to take-up vocational jobs like masonry, plumbing, tailoring and cobbler which has high market demand?  
Selfie with Shoe-Man of Phuntsholing town
We knowingly leave such big opportunity slip out of our hand before even trying our skills and the ability. We always have the habits of side-lining such low-class-job which indeed earns more income and which has better future prospect than any other jobs in the market. 

Actually it need no big investment. You don’t need to book Trump’s Tower for accommodations either. It need nothing more than your endurance, grit and little hard work. We have never realized our goals of becoming independent nation by taking up such small jobs yet very fundamental. The work which you and I can do very easily.

Friend of mine once told me about his overseas experience – “He found that, the rich and the most standard people in the west are the one who take up vocational works than the one who choose to settle down in revolving chairs”. Isn’t it this amazing?  

But, the big gamble here with us is we reverse the idea. Aren't we funny and more demanding?

If we accept to take such vocational job opportunity there won't be any job crisis, we don't need to run office-after-office to hunt for a job. Until we stop our gawked-eye, our country won't stop to clear unemployment rate. Until we join our hand to take up whatever jobs available, our Government would never sleep in peace. 

Here is a simple mathematical rule, which is directly proportional to the ratio of town, community and the population and the types of vocational job opportunity lying in front of us. But, I don't assure 100/100 job employment, but it's a good opportunity.

This man have been the maker of all kinds of foot gears.  He is a man who might have brought back all the lost hopes and dreams of all shoes and the slippers. He don't know exactly how many pairs of foot gears he mend each day. However, he meet the demands of the town and he is on toe in his business very well. I called him a Shoe Doctor!

He proudly said, he start his work as early as seven o'clock in the morning to nine in the evening with one hour rest for Lunch. However, sometime he need to work even more when the demand is high. 

He laughed, he gets demand as far as LUNANA!

Nevertheless, upon asking him about how he manages to do all this long and tiring hours job. He first gave me a straight look and the wide smile. Then, he said he manages all the demands of the day by being firm and determined to do his job. He even takes some to his home. He said, he has daily home work to do during winter vacation to meet all his demand of school going children. He proudly said he don't feel burden working late and taking some home but at times when he can't meet the dateline of some of his customers even by working late, he really feels sorry. Since, he knows how it is to be outside home. 

As long as he remember, he never had any friction with any of his customers. It isn't that he is a foreigner, it is because he knows how to value and deal with his daily customers. Whatever, he do is all for the good cause of his living.

Unlike any other job in the market, you don't need to be under the hard sun and the rain. All we needed is the patience and determination. This is the easiest and the loftiest job one can always hangs on, which don't require any job application and queue for selections.

Then, why is our Bhutanese still so reluctant to take such jobs opportunity?

He said. ‘It's not always necessary to be schooled oneself’. Although, education is important and necessary but it won't always bring life to better side. Rather the most important is – how we will live our life after Education?  

While I was lost in many mixed thoughts, he was busy in his paroxysm, then he again continued more excitedly and I have remained frozen thereafter as my work is in full swing. I don't wanted to disturb him further.

And I saw him still a fully satisfied man.


  1. It is high time that Bhutanese change their attitude towards such jobs.One may not own a penny but still resist to meddle with dirt/ soil or low-profile jobs. Rightly pointed out sir.

  2. Ofcourse, but how far and who will understand honest and the sincere heart. God still Bless Bhutan. Thanks

  3. Shoe doctor is a nice name! Even my Nike, Reebok and Addidas shoes don't last too long. I had to send them to the "hospital" be repaired, glued and even stitched by this shoe doctor.

    Here's wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2017!

  4. Thank you so very much. Happy New year 2017 in advanced.


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