Friday, December 9, 2016

This is a Reply to a Facebook post done by Mr. Dargo Tashi on BDFL employees.

Respected sir

I know you are smart, I admires you for your genuine heart and your level of patriotic feelings for this country. And remember I do follow you constantly so much for all the commonest days happening of the country. Of late, you have become the sources, the Google store for me particularly.  I like the way you put up things for discussion. And I do like your opinions and the remedies on any pertaining issues you try to put up. But, today while I was surfing your opinions on the issues of - ‘BDFL terminates employees without prior notice’, I felt some gust of sore. Some unfair means of intervention and correcting methods being used unwisely and peremptorily for BDFL employees. 

And I am neither talking on behalf of the defendants nor they are my relatives. Further I am not at all related to the BDFL, a state enterprise company based in Paro and Phuentsholing possibly.

You have honestly mentioned your views on your own experiencing of running some business company in and around but I felt sorry for it.

As you have also rightly mentioned about - “I have fired some people who failed to do their jobs properly even during their probation period. If they cannot show me their best during the probation period. I do not expect they will do any better as my regular employees. The shortest time I fired someone is 2 days!!”.

No wonder there are many lot of people or company employees or civil servants who regularly fails to come on time, fails to attend regular duties, fail to generate proper work ethics, fails to cooperate, fails to come free of nights hangover and fails to employ with rules and regulations yet they are not asked to resign nor to terminate, they still can habits the opportunity.

Why is this so happening? Are we fair on the part of individualism? Are we a GNH based country? Are we doing justice to the one who fail regularly and who does everything without the presence of our bosses or censored under CCTV 24-by-7? If then the recent BDFL employees shouldn’t be out with their entitlement, just over three day’s leave takings. If, or whoever thinks they are wrong, we need to hurl our government of the day to send every Bhutanese batch-wise or in a group to Australia, some to Japan and some to Iceland to learn the good values. Otherwise, we are failing on our own part to be a Bhutanese, let’s not say we have a check-and-balance rules and regulations in place.  Let’s not claim we are a net carbon sink country, precisely only carbon negative country in the world. With such system in place, let's say no to corrupt free country in Asia, least corrupt citizens and the government. Needless to say, our country ranked somewhere on the top on corrupt-free nation based on impracticable data, that anyone can do it!

Let me relate one common happenings in our society today and far – there are countless numbers of students in school who do or does things beyond their permissible level like regular absenteeism, doing substance abuses, fighting, not turning up on time, not being regular on school activities, not doing homework and not being disciplined. Is it possible to terminate this group of students out from school? Will it going to benefit country? Is it possible to batter them to death? So, what happens is – school takes multiple corrective methods, measures, ways and means to correct this groups of Youth on daily basis and that is why we have rightful civil servants and the company’s employees without making school empty. Otherwise we will going to generate all the red-bulls and time will come when we need to harvest all the salty crops. Therefore, this two BDFL employees should also be given some room to grow and sharpen their skills before company wants them perfect. Otherwise, company should manufacture Robots, other advanced and super machines to work with them. Because we are no different animal!

But, while going through the online post by Bhutanese media house – Kuensel, it was sourced out that some forged activities has ruled out knowingly. It read as – “the Deputy General Manager of the company allegedly caused the termination of the two female sales executives to create a vacancy for her cousin on standby”.  

Of course, whoever is the concern person or agent I don’t care, hardly what they did or do to each other; however, the sad part is that the scene has closed for the two employees to go for regular office as sales executives, we should all be driven asunder for nobody knows how long this kinds of activities will going to prevail in GNH country.

I wish you could, I could, we could and our government could dismiss that apathy activities out from the base, if our law makers set rightful rules in place out of countenance and looks rather more anxious. Because at the end we are the loser of the two sided coins.

The stolidity with which you received the messages was no doubt rather exasperating for they were delivered in perfect sincerity of forged documentation. So, for how long shall we remain complacent and keep on blaming each other rather I found the issues is genuine.
I incautiously gave the account aloud that this is not the right ways of doing things. It shows the other-side of being Bhutanese, the action is beyond the reach of GNH philosophy. I don't want to buy a salt from Drangmechhu either! 

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