Saturday, April 29, 2017

Teacher and Teaching Jobs in Bhutan.

Every trained teacher leaving their profession is a pressing concern not only for Ministry of Education. It's a national concern and the shame! 

If this trend continues, it will leave behind a series of education depth. Honestly, it shall impede the systemic flow of humanity and hampers in the economic growth of the country. 

Of all, our parents and students are at loser end when government turn their deaf ear to solve this national issues.  

It is high time our government take ardent means to stop our veteran teachers leaving their profession. They should do some serious homework why and what is making them leave their job at this surprising rate. When someone with good field experience leaves the system, it would cost government in millions. These days our teachers are more like Chinese product as they reach their expiry date so soon, easy to enter and easy to exit. 

Does it mean that those teachers resigning are boarding abroad for better lives and earning like hell in private schools? I must say this is perfectly a sheer outlandish conclusion. To me, it gives me how attractive and secure is teaching jobs in the country. 

I have learnt, what is really troubling our teachers – the lack of passion and love for the job. Why could this be? It must be the salary, working environment and system support. But, on the surface we feel everything is under control, OKAY!
We talk so much on the possibility of life on other planets and Smart Technology System, so often forgotten the type of education we inject in our Youth. We have been into education system for more than a century. However, we have failed to produce our own scientist and no one working in a big international firm? Where are we failing? What is wrong with our education system? Perhaps, we have already failed terribly.    

We have learnt that, working environment, ridiculous curriculum, lack of teaching materials, worn out buildings, unending reforms, financial cuts, student's behavioral problems and management crisis are in fact troubling our teachers -beyond their dreams.  

Recently, we have seen some reforms taking place in ministry of education - workshop on 21ST Century's Transformative pedagogy (i.e. a necessary tools requires by our teachers to be in their toe and to sharpen their skills), warden and matron for boarding schools and limiting eighteen teaching periods per week and one-teacher-one-subject concept. Is this fair to say that government has done enough for education system?  
To an economist, pay enough to attract really good people to become teachers in the first place is more like investing in Telecommunication Business.

In Germany, teachers have the highest salary in the country and when judges, doctors and engineers asked the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for the salary, she told them, “How can I compare you to those who taught you?”

In Singapore, we looked at what qualities we thought our kids needed to have to compete in the international world market and then we made the changes to get that.

In America only two types of people are considered very important person, first scientists and second Teachers. 

In the honorable court of France only Teacher is allowed to sit on the chair.

In Japan police has to take special permission from the government to arrest the Teacher.

In Korea any Teacher can enjoy all those facilities which a Minister in India can enjoy by showing his identity card. 

While in Bhutan, a teacher has to fear poor behavior of his/her own students and has to fight for his/her rights for basic needs. 

"Good teachers are costly but bad teachers cost more." 
Teachers are often said the nation builder but how far they invest in our teachers. They are in fact the "Jack of all trades, master of none." For almost every time they have to perform herculean unpaid task risking their own life far in the moors. They have to constantly fear of student's poor attitude and presentation.

If we want to reshape teaching and learning sector not by mere cut-paste curriculum, we need to first invest more in building our teachers and need to build Smart Classroom. We need to develop better teacher evaluation systems, plan for fair accountability system and develop more useful professional development courses. 

Unlike, teachers in the west our teachers are paid very less as compare to the nature of job they perform in the society. By the nature of job they perform, they should get the maximum salary and benefit amongst other civil servants with highest dignity and respect. 

Teacher working in the field are at constant fear of not being able to complete their syllabus on time, academic performance pressure, students falling sick in the middle of the night and often times fear for student bashing them.

My appeal to government would be to enact 'Rights of the Teachers similar to Rights of the Students', which shall give them boisterous strength to perform their duties. The other is select few quality teachers into the system each year on need based, make this post tough and charming by putting the strong base.    

"Curriculum should help children make deeper and fuller understanding of their own experience." 
That means we need to fix our curriculum all over again. There is a big mismatch in our present curriculum, content being irrelevant and not in order, some topics beyond the level of our learners and unending topics which ultimately ruins the interest of learning and teaching. There are many topics in the present syllabus which are –beyond the brain level of our learners, making them difficult to relate with everyday proceedings. Therefore, pumping such bulky contents is really challenging, even not a healthy practice. We really need to restructure and invest more in reliable, genuine and quality curriculum. 

However, it is time we must rethink and rebuild more user friendly syllabus, which parents can also understand. 

That shall ultimately benefit and secure both teacher and student. This is how we build our nation stronger together. Lets make Education First!!!

Here are some of the good references and insightful notes teachers earns around the globe:

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