Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A message from my ex-student

The time has gone for quite far and long with many new happenings of life; still it’s hard to un-done with past togetherness with my dear students.
All in mind, I have still the fully activated stored memory for all of my loving students for the year 2013. The best part is because they all are the one who received my first chemistry lessons.

This is one of the heart breaking, sweet and un-forgettable message I have received on a special day for a teacher on 2nd May, 2014. (i.e. teachers’ day) from my ex-student. 

Sir, firstly happy teachers’ day…and to be frank, sirs have really struggled over my life. I don’t know how to gratify and offer you a deep appreciation. I had a sensation of helplessness because at that stand, everyone is helpless. But sir proved to be person who solved the problem of helplessness. I don’t have any special gift as appreciation but humble heart in which I would cherish the memory of sir all the time, “true helper” in my life. Some says from lips only but mine is of from the deep heart that I will never forget the lending help of sir. I will thank sir forever till I am too old to work from grave. Thank you so much sir….once again happy teachers’ day and have a good life ahead…

with regards
Choki Thinley
12 sci B (2013)

my reply
Choki, Thank you so much for remembering me, Sometime, life will not function as we planned and many times in life we come through difficult situations and even worse. Many times in life we may become a miser, dis-respectful, wanted, lovable, and caring.  and sometime our body stop to function still we need to survive. with all these we can create a wonder through trying failure and that is what life's challenges are.  We need to try harder each time we fall that is everyone's life. Please, don’t feel un-comfortable with just a simple deed…anyway, thank you so much for remembering me and try to stay the same throughout your life…
With love

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  1. I believe that a great teacher is not someone who teaches Chemistry, but someone who makes a student Love Chemistry! :)
    You Are Great Sir!


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