Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Torn Shoes

The improved modern technology of this era have changed its revolution into fine Nano world. Twenty first century has marked the majority of significant changes in the society from letting go away from old fashioned shoes and the slippers to fine gears. The improved feature of shoes and the slippers have replaced old and out-dated kickers and Bata. A famous foot wears in Bhutan from old age till nineteenth century. 

Bhutan has undergone a several transformation from bare foot to kicker and Bata to Nano-foot wears. Those were a forgotten days and times of our parents.

Although, with the introduction of new time and life style I couldn't forget my long lasting kicker shoes. Those were the time that everyone loved to buy one and wear. Walking with kicker shoes was a little challenging.  Since, buying one is more expensive.

Some of the essential features of the kicker are long lasting, possesses simple design with descent outlooks. It is not surprising to tell the history of kicker in this present time. Now, it has replaced with many stylized forms of foot gears and most of the times it’s complicated even to name it. All the names have come from north and south poles.  Like primitive way of life and modern living is one of the most argued topics today in Bhutan. It is a predominately Nano world pursuit for our new generation. It has been argued that the true comfort has lost with the change in times and people.  Introduction of all foot gears has good comfort and as well as curse. I am sure the designer has good architecture and thoughts but a curse from our great parents will remain forever. 

Times of kicker have left everyone and more importantly I am missing the days as a young boy. There are many good reasons for me to share about a poor tone kickers now. Time has changed and me too but still I could remember those times and it usually reflects to me time and again. Kicker has given me hopes, new walking style, new fashion, a gentle quality and in fact everything. For the average income family like mine has a great challenge in buying one and walk with it. Today we could find different foot gears, more attractive outlook but still it’s not like my poor tone kicker of century back. In this present day if one is found wearing old fashioned gears without any hesitation people will make a new history of the time. Nevertheless, to remember those forgone days of kickers and to mark my 25th birth anniversary I have already made an order to manufacture and send me home to replace my tone kicker. Thus, finally things get changed with time just like the seasoned weather.

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