Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pay Revision and My House Owner

Lately July 2014, comes home little more pay for public servants. In fact much awaited pledged by the ruling government in their election campaign but sounds more like thunder and lightning.  

It's good news for all the civil servants but more to our dumps and it’s sure they'd giggle aloud. All the nook and corners knows that Bhutan is undergoing great rupee crises for almost two years now still everyone is expecting a salary increase as there are many reasons.  I know, no sooner did our two parliament houses pass the final pay bills for the civil servants. All would've started to plan on how to spend on the little increment without knowing many hungry mouths are aback.

Not to mentions all the underground responsibilities, my house owner would've already started calculating my salary and the new house rent index. Coming July counts down comes, my house owner would notify me with a new statement. “A new house rent index”. 

Indeed, this not a surprise news for me at this juncture. But, I know little pinch might go deeper than usual. At the same time, the statement and the graciousness of my house owner will definitely boil my few calories of fat that has not gone for long. At least, I'd enhanced my skills on paying a rent.

Unlike, me there'd be many feeling the same pinch of this increment and the hungry holes. Our house owner would politely state us with 'dear SIR or MADAM'. A wonderful statement that'd insane us young and handsome. 

I'm sure that statement of my house owner would surely take a position since it contain politeness within it.  Now at this time of the year all the house owners would've started printing and making the entire statement concerning each individual. 

Even the vegetables vendors and the goods suppliers would've already made an order for the printing press for the new rupee index. Whether fair or not. Who will bother and for what? 

Who will check on the new rent index that goes beyond the laws of the country? Where gone our law makers when there is needful for a patriotic people? And for me the little increment of my salary will further worsen my times and the situations. Then can Bhutan attend the concept of Gross National Happiness is still in challenge ? Where Bhutan will lie in near future?

These're some of the very concepts of new salary increment for civil servants and at least the new idea on statement.

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