Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Roles of Teachers and Parents in Educating Youth.

A teacher is someone who is considered as an exemplary figure, assurance and possess all kinds of goodness. They should possess decent knowledge on the subjects matter. A teacher should consider a daily duty to teach and train all levels of students without discriminating low and high achiever. Teacher should always avoid the gap between rich and poor students. Teacher should always reach up to the trust of the individual student, parents and the society. Teacher should be a sociable person in all levels. People should take him as their well-wisher and a sincere friend who cares for their children like family. Teacher should establish a strong relation with community to enhance their professionalism. 

Teacher should actively participate in the social activities in optimistic way. Teacher should know the art of teaching with a profound awareness with psychology of an individual child. He/she should always deal with the students with unbiased nature. Teacher should not lose self-control on small faults student commit in the process of learning and other activities in the school. And should try to comprehend and firmly solve their problems tactically. Teacher should know the deep meaning of all students coming to school; for learning, to correct their mistakes and to become wise.

As a teacher one should feel delighted of his principles, his national dress and the national language. He/she should be a missionary, a mentor, an agitator, a guide and a light besides being a loyal teacher. In other words, one should be a good teacher in all respects. However, parents too have the similar roles to play in educating their child more than school teachers -parents should know the interest, fields of study, mental and physical backgrounds of their own child and provide necessary, timely support.   

Today in Bhutan, we have just handful of parents who are concern about their child and monitor in daily happenings. As a responsible parent it is also equally important to check on the curriculum, what their child is doing and how to bring some costiveness? Teacher alone cannot make everyone perfect, dream big and bring all their happiness. 

I considered myself lucky to become school teacher since I get to express my feelings about our present Youth, curriculum, changes in the mindset of our people and importance of parenting. In nutshell, teachers should be a great entertainer, knowledgeable and sociable person. 

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