Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Brief Tuesday

As soon as my eyes opened for the daybreak, I've started recollecting for the day's events in much difficulty. Unlike other week days this Tuesday should favor me with different kind s of home and international events to come. I know this Tuesday has many things to offer.

In the home bulletin, the RCSC website has offer me the interview result.  My long dreams to live abroad for decent reasons. Secondly to go for X automobiles to uphold my brother’s car which was out of conditions and to visit doctor Y for my health check-up. If not, I've to turn back with much confusion back to my work place. At the same time I was bit worried about waiting in the long queue before meeting doctor Y. It’s very upset to think about the route just to see a doctor.  And finally to make a surprise visit to my sister’s place after a long break to only capital city of Bhutan. Hoping this particular visit would give me lots of fresh offers they've not been opened for any. I still could remember the last dishes my sister presented me before I've taken a long destination to my work place. And today I'm visiting back to my sister’s place with the same hope. Now for sure I cannot say all the proceedings that are going to happen at my sister’s place later today. 

In fact many special things stored for so long for a special person will get vulnerable touch. The specialty of my sister’s hand and the taste can ne'er be forgotten with any modest reasons. 

In the international line, the world cup football semi-final between Brazil verses Germany and Argentina verses Dutch is really putting things in confusion and in doubt. Of many says final will be played between Brazil and Dutch and for many the final match will be between Germany verses Argentina. The fever of this month long world cup football matches among thirty-two nations is really putting the entire football lover in confusion. 

On the other hand the good news for me and my final world cup football teams would be on to those who wins over.  But still I've full trust over Argentina still to play with Dutch for the semi-final that'll make my big dream come true for much anticipated year 2014. 

Finally the world cup fever would end with one strong team winning over thirty-one teams and that is what I'm going to witness all over 13th evening with my eye wide opened and Shakira singing for the final fight. I know my eyes will remain wide open for Argentina team.

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