Monday, July 28, 2014

Thank you! Bhutan

Bhutan is a country like no other country in the world. It gave me life, free education and health facilities and raised me like anybody. I find this land one of the most enterprising and ardent in Asia - and beyond in many respects; culture to geography. 

There are approximately seven hundred thousand people living and the country is perfectly governed by a meek principle called, Gross National Happiness.

I truly considered myself as the delighted son of the 'Land of Thunder Dragon'. I was born to a decent family and my entire education was born unremittingly by Royal Government of Bhutan. What I am today is all because of my Motherland? I always think myself blessed in so many ways; civil war, corruption and nuclear activity are never our priority.

Indeed, Bhutan has given me every necessities of life where no other land can offer me that way. Nothing can substitute what I was gifted. For me, this country is more precious than the most lavish Gems on the planet. 

Although, world considers Bhutan as one of the poorest nations yet it never fail to support everyone with free education and medical facilities and that is the most amazing things we have here. I am unsure, how many rich and advanced country can do free services for its people like here in Bhutan.

What I am today is all made by my country; a great son to my parents and a responsible individual at home to society.  Today I can proudly say that I have a decent job, rented house that provides me a shelter, some savings in my bank account and a decent mobile phone that can connect me to anyone as I wish is all the gift from this land. In fact, Bhutan has outstretched me more than my own family. 

This soil has given me things I will never going to achieve entirely in a short span of time through free education and health facilities; the basic needs of everyone. Although, in the process of seeking for free education and healthier life I had some bitter experiences yet this land has never failed to support me. 

For all the heavenly deeds my love for this land will never going to end. I will always remain loyal and humble to my country in times to come – and beyond. I owe my hats off respect and good wishes. I wish peace, tranquility and happiness to shower as always in the land of Thunder Dragon. Thank you, Bhutan for everything you have done to me.

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