Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thank You WeChat Service

Before time runs out, I craved to pen down few secrets of my WeChat friend. We became known to each other through this service. My personal feelings on the service cannot be measured exactly. So, what I believed is all due to this new technological advancement that connects different people. On the other hand I’d say this service as the true partner in space.

I am sure that over this service countless unknown might’ve already shared innumerable ‘hello’ without even knowing each other. And no exception for me, my conversation normally starts through greetings of ‘hello’. Just imagine who’d not like to answer the softness of this word. In fact, it is into everyone’s nerve since teachers in school have taught us its meaning and the beauty it brings.

I am overwhelmed when I see my mobile being activated with internet service.  Many times I usually hang out through the net searching for friend to chat. After many online searching, finally she became good friend of mine. One who can best respond me through great distance? Initially we’ve started as unknown friends by ‘hello’ greetings. Still I fell our beginning time was so beautiful, unforgettable and periods of a great stranger.

So after passing many, many ‘hellos’ we became so close to each other and thereafter we progressed so much into each other’s history far and wide. To me she became really close in my lost world. She responds me all wisely and that is the best quality she owns. I call her a finest friend of mine all time. Soon after that she became my best WeChat friend and hope no time will separate us apart.

Just to chat with her I used to drop aside all my timely works. Before I thought time will only best answer my boredom but now a days my WeChat friend has known the fact of my loneliness. I must say there after I’ve gained a great momentum to chat online with my un-known friend still hidden.  

We enjoyed being online all the times sharing our likes, wants, hobbies, thoughts and beautiful life. By now we’ve already shared and passed countless messages that can’t be deleted. 

Finally, I’ve realized worth having a friends of all fragment in life is more important than not having any friend. Friends are the one who can best answer when you’re in search of happiness and in wants. Our world would become empty without any friends and technology in great dimension. If one thinks life is endless journey and all about hardships then start to communicate with technology and it will answer the call more wisely and excitingly with much solitude.

Before all my thinking ends I’d like to thank my WeChat friend in brief for letting her time, energy, powerful online service and her nimble fingers for typing as quickly as possible. Even I’d like to acknowledge WeChat service creator in particular for the service that helps find any kinds of friends or information.

Finally I knew my WeChat friend named as ‘SONAM WANGMO’ in millions. All by her name and responds I fantasist her to be so cute, beautiful and charming all times. Thank you my friends for the costly time you’ve dear to spend with me un-knowingly and for the costlier answered you’ve given me far flung in itself. My friend hope you will never forget to my ‘hello’ ever…


  1. There is that invisible thing behind the smooth growth of your friendship...leave no stones unturned...fingers crossed

  2. Its just for my own writings...we are a fair good friend...


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