Sunday, October 5, 2014

But one day

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It won’t be a surprise here to lease all my rational. One day - when I was listening to a sentimental songs on my laptop. In fact, my best songs genre was already on air within my edge. I could just think within my works along with the songs. That time was hard to understand. Since, some of the songs clearly stated, the day is closing so fast without any notice and after all life is all empty. I was into it for so much. The world is departing hereafter. 

I have acquired a greater understanding of this world - one day this very time would die in nonbeing. At the same time I have learned to contemplate the events of life with serenity and not to let myself flung in emptiness. 

At the same time, it’s hard to memory the past life for proceedings into new world each moment. I am a kind of person who normally follows all the basic principles of life. Life for me is complete beings that need to obey all the continuity. As a good human being- I have never crossed specific life periphery. I have been working as a decent being. As far as I am mindful, I have never hurt anyone purposefully. But, sometime it happens - a small unknown fact might be enough to hurt someone’s emotion. Life as I believe is something complex. Sometime, some critical situation follows and need to react the way it comes. But, it’s a human desirous self that gets hurt unknowingly.  Moreover, as a good social beings we needed a numerous thinking before reacting into a condition. Otherwise, we may land-up into bad times. 

One day, time was a bit different than usual. As, I am a human being so – needed intensive care of my once life. I knew life may not come for next as human being because to come next as a human being one’s needed a boundless good deeds and life attending mantras.  But, my case is little different here, to be precise - I didn’t have enough good deeds and chanted mantras for worthy life ahead. In a way, my demise preparation is yet not ready for now. At the same time, I know my conscience for the entire world is not corrupt. And this is what; I believe life mantras and good deeds. Simply, thinking good and being good is just significant for life proceedings and life after death. 

So, with this common thought - One day, I happened to share some of my happenings with good friend of mine. But, no sooner did the messages reach to my friend. Friend of mine reacted to me in a complete strange manner. As if - I am talking for the first time with new problems of the world. The voice and the composure through the phone were clearly noticed although, I couldn’t see personally. I have declared my truth personality, since we are very close. 

Finally, the conclusion was broad. So, life has skilled me different lesson, life has given me different values, boundless ups and downs and different breath. Similarly, I have learnt a life lesson, it’s not to be so open and share the feelings. But, one day - I know the truth realization would come and that is far late than to re-start life endurance. Now, I could feel the pains of thousands hammering.


  1. Sure Sancha sir, our life is like a wave of ocean, it never stay in the same position. Nice write up, enjoyed going through it.


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