Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Focus

The international media highlights daily on child sexual abuse, protest in Yemen, slating of bombs, dispute, fighting in Israel, Prime minister being questioned for corruptions, abdication, police personal fighting for peace, editor questioned and politicians' fighting. 

However, despite the enormous scale of hard work and the patience form each media house the change is not so progressive and the scenario is still worse in many countries.

When media brings us tons of news, it becomes a nasty and the talk. Perhaps, at time we forget to applaud the better side and the role it play and finally land-up missing the points saying 'cynical and ambitious', still people needed so disparately.

With the new development, the test of the life is becoming a distant, harder and tougher to survive. Similarly, for millions of live media touched the ending was never been a 'happy one'. Since, it covers more of devastating updates than pleasing one. The hard realities are channeled up in the air and made to experience in every door.

Its very definite that by watching and hearing the news that are aired up, once level of energy was multiplied to a high demand, making life sicker to many folds. 

Is it the fate of every citizens or the media that brings sadness?

The degree of inclination towards 'human – technology and technology – technology' have raise to many, many fold than 'human – human' contact. So, better would be 'human – human' contact.

Here, it's not to blame/mis-lead/put in tight spot/reflect only the bad sides of media house rather the point is to give brief highlight of the day around the globe. It’s just to relate the different situations over-times and with new technology records.

Indeed, every social media needed to be looked up to the only source for information and should be protected well.

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