Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year Memo

As said 'begin well to end well', and for many I am sure the deadlock would be to brake on bad habits and to begin a new life but to those who all have been into the path would be a challenging one but it won't be a difficult gateway if given a try.

As we know we can't cry over the spill milk so is the case for the bygone years. We can't in any form bring back any instances from the past but at least we can relay and refine it other way. We can only volte-face and realize about it. So, for me 2015 is something special because I've done many great things that is likely to shape soon. Perhaps, to be focus my marriage is never a repudiating truth for the year and I kept all my promise in it.

While many as I know would be eagerly waiting for New Year party to begin, young hearts looking the clock to ring twelve for a dates and some to promise for New Resolution but I've dedicated myself to sacrifice to update an article in my blog since it do not require any physical exercise and energy neither it involves one's into fighting and misunderstanding among family and friends. I setup myself to summarize for the past years and planning for the upcoming years. Nonetheless, with this I do not need to search of 'a dance partner, come home drunk nor miss my bed'.

So, for the year I would commit myself to write more, become refine and more peaceful so that many things in life will follow my way.

Further, I also wanted to better my skills on being more punctual, dedicated, diplomatic, practical, honest, resolute and stable on my job.

From my panoramic view I wanted to thank year 2015 thoroughly for letting me learn more about life and hunt for knowledge. The year has given me enough for successful and peaceful life, for giving us peace of mind, for keeping us fit and harmonious all throughout and more importantly for keeping our country more secure and stable from outside world. I am hopeful 2016 would give us the destination and the birth to a 'New King' and this will remain in the 'History of Bhutan'.

Perhaps, with the onset of New Year many might be thinking to resign from some bad smoking habits, drinking, gambling, doing drugs, partying and unlawful relationships which in a way are the bad killers but I am sure for many it will going to be a challenging journey, waste of time and energy.

While many excitedly waited to jump and shake their body heavily on the party floor I setup to sleep and snore, dream for the year, abridge for the bygone days and planning for the future.

New Year is also a time for many to improve some significant moves and time to drain oneself into the pool of drinks because next day is a new day, next day is a new time and next day is a new year. It is also a time to burn and remove all evil activities for rest of the life and to start anew and more promising one.

I wish you all a 'Happy New Year' 2016 although I turn one year older, one year senior and one year wiser.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Secret Behind Tourism

Isn't it a tensing moment when we hear on 'Sex Tourism, an emerging vulnerability' for a small Himalayan kingdom? I am honestly confused why this kind of life culture which is not supposed to take place is on rise, on demand all around. Is it simply for the income or for the survival or simply for the kinds?
So, if these activities going to place then let’s not say we're the only Buddhist nation, survived without any external social customs. By looking at the facts mentioned I'm little hanged on 'how Bhutan would be just in few years of time from now'. 

According to the survey released on 'Sex Tourism' Bhutan had faced several instances where many are into sex offerings business. Although we become too much dependent on western life style yet it is not a wise step that country like ours can take part in such activities. Therefore, if this continues to happen the future of our country will be at threat.  

As it was very evidently reflected that Bhutan's tourism is more into 'sex destination' and to the facts I am thoroughly confused whether it is for human exploitation or tourism expansion in itself. Therefore, looking at the study released I could see living culture forced more into undesirable scene, more vulnerable into sex offerings rather than country's tourism. 

So, for many the costs of living a life through sex exploitation have become more like a business and to this 'Tourism Council of Bhutan' is a sole responsible agency and should cut-off this activities from the root before it ruins oneself and the nation. I think many of the causes would be just happening in the name of getting more numbers of foreign tourists who can deposit huge sum of income. But, what about the life when this group of foreigners leaves the country, 'is it possible to support one's life thereafter'.  Although, there are many who likes the idea of having this culture but this aren't the solution to live a life.  

Although, no exact figures are available, but the trend is reported to be wild in the tourism industry time and again. Of course, tourism is the only sector that generates huge revenue for the country but it also becoming a risky business behind, for a long run.  How far should we prolong on this statement 'Tourists are preferred due to the monetary incentive and so on for Bhutan'?

Other emerging exposures, according to the study are commercial sex workers on rise, which include many young girls born to different diseases related to open sex business. 

Study also stated that with various categories of sex workers are involved and the profession was slowly becoming well organized and to a more professional that needed to be root out. It also stated that single women are picked up by different customers from bars and discotheques which in turn is a huge risk to the country.

How easily 'Bhutan Tourism Industry' allow foreigners to visit the country even after knowing that the in-coming tourists who demands for a female guides and escorts during their stay in the country? Isn't it funny and demanding? How foolish are we as a nation? Is it possible to buy a life through the money one gets through this activity? In the name of little income we are risking our own life and history of Bhutan. Therefore, if these are all true, it needed to be monitored as it could lead to bigger issues in future.

Let's put a stop to this 'social attack' all together before it becomes an issue which in turn can ruin our society from outside wave and to allow this to ruin is a national infamy. 


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Present Heroes: The Person I'M Close To

Dalai Lama: World Peace-Keeper

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook inc, Chief Executive 

Lionel Messi: Football, best player (Left leg)
Barack Hussien Obama: US, President and Writer
Stephen Hawking: Greatest Scientist of 21st century (Paralyzed)
Malala Yousafzai: Nobel Peace Winner (2014), (still a student)

World Cup Fever

Belgium was out last night. But I still have one last hope with England tonight.  Uruguay side seemed unarmed when Cavani couldn'...