Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Teaching equals to null vector

We are living in the Buddhist nation with much valued life. The education is measured to be the main source of livelihood. Education has greatly changed every survival. Thus, we are no longer the same as before. 
Teaching part                 Source: Google.com
To this fact, I guess all the teachers have toiled so hard yet the changes are not enough and society is not so pleased. Similarly, every life has become more celebrating. I could sense the festivity into this world much compare to past. All the beautiful things had happened now. But, who would thank all those teachers for the worldly changes?

Teaching has done so much from giving love to sharing experiences and letting every citizen grow into a beautiful beings. Still, all the humanity is against each teaching. 

With all the meaningful teachings in school, countless life has turn into productive and beautiful beings. Yet, many had turned into real barbarian, nasty beings and countless into dishonest beings. Is this what teachings to play with youth?  I felt the change is needed at the moment.  Perhaps, I felt at one point teaching is becoming worthless to many of our present youth and finally blame knocks back to every teacher. 

When each child is born, on the other end teachers are intuitive into a new being every moment. Since, each teacher plays totally different roles in the life of each baby. Teacher’s whole survival becomes qualitative importance to individual. Since, every happening befalls through teaching. I must call the education is a teacher. 

To become a teacher is a kind of new labour. It is something difficult to understand unless one holds the position. But, it is always easier to view others life. In every society teachers are the only person who has brought the changes. Nobody could realize what would happen just by teachings of values and attitudes. In fact, the wisest change takes place.

Having done so much of the hardship into teaching journey, every teacher are thrown down, hanged, put behind the bars and treated as a rubbish piece. Now, teachers are no more alive because our society’s negative mentality towards school teachers is beyond measurable.  

I felt every teacher's life is inside the cage - not one uninterrupted night’s sleep and not one day of rest. So, often overloaded with day’s activities still teachers are put out from sphere. Every teacher felt the importance of thousands life ahead and they do the necessary teachings with the hope of better world. But, the hopes of change merely end up in secret. 

Product of an education               Source: Google.com
Teachers have created the best human society and that is the greatest human creation ever. The work is not finished at one stand. Teacher changes thousand live from real primitive, a barbarian and remote human to a peace loving social beings still every people are against every teacher. Is there any value behind teaching our youth?

But, if the individual child becomes a productive citizen every family would be benefited by it as the child will bring some changes. I am sure, that is all created by teachers. Yet, who would uphold those teachers.

Everyone’s view basically ends up blaming teachers; teachers are doing nothing for the change, if the individual turns into a corrupt social beings. Every society is constantly against every teacher without knowing the real hardship one individual teacher had taken to shape all those life. 

Well, at this time all humankind is passing through a critical phase with all criminal growth. With all of these attitudes the world would die in despair. Similarly, it won't surprise me telling teaching job is no safer, no more respectable, no more daring and no more loving because some of our youth has already dumped teacher’s status.   Thus, I could felt the change is necessary for better Bhutan.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hats off for you - My Father

Dearest Father               Source: Google.com

Oxford dictionary defines a father as - "a male parent for a child or a first man to introduce a new way of thinking about life"

At this stand everyone talks about their own mother so much. Love for a mother in the world today is beyond its hold and meanings. But, I have hardly seen anybody talking about father. Its sad to see - "love for all father is not in anyone’s mind". For sure, many of us still didn’t bother about the life of a father, the meaning and the actual hardship he carries in his heart. 

For me - my father and in fact, all the fathers of the world are equally important as a mother. Since, father is the one who introduce all existence on this planet. Otherwise, life won’t be possible in any best reasons. And here my point is not to mislead between - father and mother. I could feel both father and mother endures all the same responsibilities and challenges.  Indeed, for all lives but it’s just a matter of thinking.  

Well, by genetically the works and the responsibilities have some differences in-between father and mother. But, not so complete. Generally, every father takes the greater shares of physical - muscular and outdoor works - managing every physical household needs, build a house for a family and even works like a cart to support a family and finally he keeps everyone content in the family. 

He sacrifices his own life for the livelihood and to up-keep his family. Nonetheless, he also fights selflessly for his own family and makes his family more secure.  

Likewise, mother usually load herself more for working inside a household activities – cooks a delicious food for a family, wash clothes, keep surrounding clean and check the welfare of each child’s health. For all, these worth reasons both conveys me the same meaning and possess equally challenging duties.

All fathers and mothers are the biggest and dearest person around the world who deserves the greatest and expensive salute.

I, bear so much faith in this statement- "nothing would replace parents". And true to this, I remain so indebted to my parents. I have my deepest respect for my parents because they have given me an identity, defined my life and the source of inspiration, foundation for every reason. 

What I am now and what I am doing at this time is all because of their right actions. In fact, they have given me the insight, the most expensive jewel called life and with this life I am a complete human today. 

In particular, my father to me is a total existence, a reason for my beautiful life. He has planted my life with the most fertile genes and that is what my life here today as a modest social being. He has supported my livelihood when I was a little boy. No doubt, he would have fought for my life and made me this learned independent person for this time.  Without his support and consideration, I wouldn’t have existed with this particular life.  So, whatever, little wealth I own today equally belongs to him. His shares are well-maintained for all times. 

My eternal love and care for my parents is always there in loads. In precise my father takes the greatest shares of my warmest feelings. Amidst all beings he is my greatest hero, my idol, point of reference and identity that defines my life. 

Thank you- my prized father for my living today.

Friday, September 12, 2014

School activities

Wall magazine for Reading week               Photo: Sancha

Wall magazine by class X C                        photo: Sancha

Wall magazine by XII Sci A                          Photo: Sancha
Design inside by class XII sci A                   Photo: sancha

Learning Drig-lam Namza                             photo: sancha

Learning by all                                             photo: Sancha

ZHSS family for Reading week                   photo: sancha

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Smile at Counter Number Two!

Times to check unsure smile...   Source: google
How expensive is your smile – one dollar or two, whatever? So, is mine. How many of us exchange our little smile to a stranger or to an unknown face? While many of us still negate to smile for self, forget about smiling to others. Honestly, can we smile like the man at Counter Number Two?

Hardly had I reached the bank counter when he smiled at me. It's no surprise to a Gross National Happiness country to have such smiley face but how many of us can do it earnestly like him. However, looking at his broad smiley face he seemed far too friendly, ready to help in need are the direct facial clinch I could draw as a bank customer.

When everyone is busy in their own business he can do that so easily. When everyone is so rude at the same counter he can license out his smile and that is all what made him great and what made me express my feelings on his big smile.   

One should learn a lesson to smile having been to school for education, having learnt discipline and wisdom of life but with growing age and the concept of I and self-importance, we even forget to smile to own self and to others. And this is really vanishing over time in our society – and beyond.

As said by Great William Shakespeare. "There's no art to find the minds construction in the face." Yet smile is the much expected and sought things by everyone for all the reasons whatever maybe inside your mind. So, if you want to make yourself and someone happy even if you are in grief, one should know at least to wear that artificial mask. 
His smile made me think on – will I be able to smile if I happen to be in his place as one of the bank staff?       

I was heavily drowned by his welcoming smile. I got my work done at the earliest and he helped me for some. He wasn't aware of how I felt from his apt smile. Even, before I am done with my bank work, I had already planned to write on - 'Smile at Counter Number Two'. 

Indeed, honestly he is someone who need to be remembered for his smile. Unsure of the fact, I walked down heavily boxed with thoughts back home. The questions like what made him smile, reasons for his happiness and what attractive nature do I possess as a bank customer never stops to appear. Is it that my savings in 'Bank of Bhutan Limited' made him so to wear that smile? If it is the reason for his happiness and that smile, why are other person so rude and self-conscious in the same banks and the counter? Let’s try like him, I assure this country will flourish into world's best place to live in, no matter what comes; war, conflict, crisis, diseases, whatever? 

Meanwhile, the question like; why do people wanted to settle in Mars –and beyond, the reason is right here. Because we have forgotten already to smile for our own-selves, some have long been forgotten to make a smile to others. I find no reasons to settle in Jupiter either. If you can't smile honestly you can wear any kinds of smiley masked face because your day begins and ends in that smile. 

His brilliant quality to smile was contrived so well that he just came out from some lovely places. And I was all wondering about his smile thereafter. 

His introduction through that simple smile made me feel proud. There are at least some genuine people around. His Holiness Dalai Lama, always used to mention, 'how to be happy, make someone happy, the value of smile and the power of one single smile you make in a day counts more than your savings in bank account'. 

And I am sure his smile at counter number two would also mean a lot, will never go in vain till world revolves around its axis.  "I wish him Luck." Because his smile had made my day better than any other day. I wish I'll get him back any time soon with same flying smiley face when I return to assure my savings. 

Don't forget to smile; if you forget somehow you are making yourself a loser and a fool. What unite us most in the community is mine and your smile? And remember, if you smile it will cost you nothing but if you forget to smile it can cost you even more anytime anyhow…! That's it!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Heavenly blessed beauty

It seems to me that you are truly the first being that the planet has ever received. Your birth date was complete significance than any, the time was prized and the atmosphere was serene when you have entered into this life. Nevertheless, world is firm enough to hold your beauty.

It is not so hard today to believe about extraordinary beauty of life. It would ensue to all beings but with rightful fundamentals in place. As I believe all beauty comes from the land and with its own purpose. Perhaps! to reconcile different times. 

I, now pronounce the amazing life of a tiny cat. It is simply beautiful than any other creatures. I believe it is more of social animal like human beings. This creature in particular is more intelligent, more responsible, kinder, more generous, more humble and more dutiful than many human beings on planet. It’s one of my amiable creatures for entire times in living history. This little being, I believe was a direct gift from a God to subdue the tiny creature called Rat. In fact, king for all rat kingdom. Otherwise, rat might overrule this universe because human being cannot subdue it like cat does. 

Well, I am not after killing all rats. Rather, my point is all about the appraisal. More than any if we check the life cycle and the life span of entire system then it’s all about one after the other. It is also one being more superior, more beautiful and responsible to other. It’s the rule of life. 

To tell the truth, there are loads of good and bad things that usually happen to both beautiful and ugly life. Some consider beautiful life is entirely luxurious and beauty in itself but it’s not. If we just check in the life proceedings of beautiful cat, it might have tussle so hard to exist beautifully in the society. It might have suffered so hard to reduce the rat’s family otherwise; the owner might have chased him away with bad remarks. Even, without remembering its beauty.  Beauty without any responsibility becomes charmless and valueless. Similarly, same principle applies even to all beings on this planet.   

The silent moves ...
 I simply believe beauty born with responsibility is more just than beauty. Then, it’s time to replenish the moment with joy and delightful.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Phone to Web

View of ZHSS assembly plot (2014)                  sancha rai

Times with my nature (2013)                 sancha rai

Best second (2013)  

Secret view of ZHSS (2013)  Sancha Rai

View of ZHSS (2013)    

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Read Zhemgang HSS

I ruminate reading is the mother for every education. For all, if reading becomes the first cradle of learning, no doubt world would become best place to rest in. Likewise, life would furthermore become best to remember and cherish for endless era. 

10 minutes assembly reading
With many kind and awaited greetings, September started with packed fertile responsibility for Zhemgang family. Reading is not the first word to define here but reading for many seems to be the hardest tasks to start life’s learning. Of all, reading is what most of our Bhutanese don’t care much and that is what we are lacking far late. So, to develop reading habits, Reading week all over schools in Bhutan observed once in every year and no exception for Zhemgang HSS. 

To promote healthy reading habits and to train every single mind on significance of reading, 1st to 8th of September, Zhemgang HSS is observing and celebrating a reading week with much enthusiasm. For reading week there stand numerous activities – Class wise wall magazine rivalry, reading for every ten minutes and forty minutes after National Anthem and sixth period respectively, Selective readings in assembly hour on lucky draw basis and finally house wise debate competition will end reading week for ZHSS. 

God of wisdom too is reading these days
I am sure and very serene on all the facts and the activities the school is organizing to mark the importance of readings. With all of the week activities, I am pretty sure it would really benefit all students-teachers on reading culture. 

Reading is to the mind and rest to the body is what I believe much as though reading one can imagine life proceedings. So, if reading is the first chapter of learning animal called human beings would become more rational. Through readings one can gain basic skills needed for life endeavours, easily conquer the world, can travel round the globe within a second and can fantasize the world with beautiful possessions. Nonetheless, reading can calm and train raw mind-set. 

In the world, most expensive currency in twenty-first century is knowledge. And knowledge originates only through readings of countless books. Therefore, books are the subtle window to outer world. Well, if reading becomes ones greatest existence for life, living a life wouldn’t become a fairy tales. 

For wise and decent life, most affluent ornament is not diamond and finest Gold but it would be reading and writing a book. Thus, if these become a daily life routine, one might bestow with luxurious life ending. 

If reading makes a wise and enriching world, every individual must read and write. Every individual must caught hold of any reading materials. Every individual must start to find a, b, c… and that is my message for reading week.  Happy read Zhemgang clan.
12 science B during 40 minutes reading time
A synthesis for reading week by Sancha Bdr rai,
Chemistry educator (Science faculty)

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