Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Pema Euden - Author
A book titled 'Lomba' was authored by Pema Euden, who also had written 'Home Coming' when she was 12 years old and became the youngest Bhutanese author.

I wish her a prosperous life ahead and hope to see her writing more books in future. I wish she too would like the words and the sentences as much as I do and as much as I'm in love for it. I wish her book would float all over Bhutan and even around the world.  
A Book Titled - Lomba
The generous and the heart felt news was when she had declared that her first 500 copies of Lomba are being sold at the Tarayana Centre in Thimphu and 30 percent of the earnings was donated to Tarayana Foundation. It is assured that her kind gesture of helping others at this age would definitely bring her more prosperity in her life, to her family members and to the other book lovers. Nevertheless, we would never stop to pray for her good health and more fortune to unfold her way at least by grasping one book each.

Pema Euden, who is from Paro, study Mathematics in the US. I wish she would successfully complete her studies and come back home with more forte, fortune and ideas and with rich cultural diversity of Foreign land. Nevertheless, we will pray she would never forgets to bring and bind mixed cultural exchange in both the countries.  

However, this book had added one more list in my reading corner. I wish to earn one personal copy and hope little of my indirect contribution would help our needy child around the country. Happy Reading...LOMBA

A Book Review

Book title: The perfection point.
Author: John Brenkus
Publisher: Pan Books
Year of publishing: 2012

John Brenkus, 'the perfection point' is a novel from United States of America. The book that talks about the perfection point, energy, essence of games and sports. The author have spent the last decade studying and popularizing the unique characteristics of the world’s greatest athletes. He tries to weave around the neuroscience, the unsolved mystery and how farthest can a human run. The author brings to us the central characters, Usain Bolt and many more world record holder in different games and sports disciplines.  Perhaps, it is something that is deeply rooted and liked by many even though it is very uncertain to predict on the final point. The twist and turns of where and how exactly does it going to end is also intensely reflected but in confusion.

This book basically talks about the legitimate questions of - how fast, how far, how high and how precise one can reach the final touch line in the field of games and sports.     

Are there an absolute limits in the field of sports? Is there some speed no runner will ever exceed? A weight no power lifter will ever hoist above his head, even a thousand years from now and that is exactly no one can predict.

The author brings in all the records for the world best and the fastest completion of a New York Times crossword under Guinness Book Conditions – impressive to be sure but this doesn't really answer the question raised. World records tells us how well people have done and how far people has reached , they tell us how well they can perform but not certain where shall the final point going to end. This book has all the record of some of the supreme sports records of the world, but it isn't the best that will ever be run, lift and hit. The author was of the view that any time any sports record can be over taken and over run sooner or later posing new world records and the prediction is absolutely out of line.

But does it end? Is there a limit to how fast a marathon can be run or how high can the iron ball be lifted against the gravity or how precisely can someone shoot an arrow?

The author tries to compare, Jim Hines who have ran 100 meter in 10 seconds in forty years before and Usain Bolt is inching close to 9:50 seconds mark, beseeching the question of how fast can a human run.

So, far we think that 10 sec is the final point for 100 meter run, no human being can ever cross this point, but Usain Bolt have surprised the world with new world record the same run.

Utilizing the cutting edge science to examine incredible physical coups in the most elite sports, the author uncovers what it takes to reach the perfection point – absolute athletes can inch closer to but never exceed certain limit that no man can ever reached. However, looking at the crucial balance between physical stamina and emotional drive of every man, this book is an ultimate guide to the furthest limits of human performance.

Nonetheless, through bucking for several decision and findings of so far he came to the conclusion that, 'practically it is impossible to predict on the perfection point of the sports'. How does it really going to end?

Monday, June 27, 2016

My Wish

Why God didn't favor me to have HAND SKILLS like Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet and engineer?

Why God didn't favor me to have handsome, attractive and clear LOOKS like Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, an American actor and film producer? 

Why my birth didn't favor me to have a BRAIN and thinking capacity like Albert Einstein, a physicist?

Why God aren't by my side to Gift me a skilled LEG like Lionel Messi, a Argentine professional footballer?

Why God didn't favor me to have a pleasing VOICE like Don Williams, an American country singer, songwriter, Country Music Hall of Fame?

Why God didn't favor me to have LEG POWER like Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter, a fastest person ever timed, 100 metres and 200 metres world records?

Bird - II

He was beautiful and attractive.
The Bird that I've Loved so much for his innocence.

He came near to me and expressed his pain. 
Pain throughout his body and soul. 

He could barely move his body, helplessly in pain.
I could sense his agony through his utterly action.

While he was lure in pain, I took advantage over and took this shot.
To remember, to share the pain and to love aptly.

F/stop: f/6.3
Exposure time: 1/640sec
ISO speed: 640
Focal length: 250mm
White balance: Manual
Date: 04/09/2016
Time: 6:52AM

Bird: zhemgang, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

Photography GUN - II

Who can Gift me this Great GUN on my '28th Happy Birthday’, that falls on 15th March of every year.
But it would be too expensive to Gift one during his/her birthday.
What I can do now is simply blackmail - Donald Trump to Gift me one saying I'm his keen followers, supporter and probably an Idol.  
It is the longest ever telephoto lens to shoot a long, long range objects without one going closer.
If I wanted to buy or earn one of this lens I needed to sell some portion of my land.
Which for no doubt my father would lash me off before this news gets into his ear.
For having born with some Idiot thoughts.
I am here just to dream and dream - longing after longing for the longer lens. 
Checkout this almost 3ft/1m long Nikon 1200mm Nikkor-P.C f/11 lens (with AU-1 focusing unit)
Only 359 pieces were produced. 
Nikon 1200mm f/11 lens

Dream - I

Dream - X

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Photography Gun

When time favors I wanted to earn some better photography gears. If you have a passion for photography or an amateur photographer like me can only get inspiration though mere photographs online – portrait and landscape. 

Although, I know even the simplest gun can also serves its purpose of shooting the images but not like the longer gears while shooting for some flying objects or long range/distance objects. It can never give a fine images as we desires and likes for with simple and short range photography gears. I know what it is to be a good photographer - it is not an easy task, it takes lots of perseverance, hard work and check patience. I assure myself that the gears and an apt practices are the key elements to better shots in photography world.

So, here comes some of my loved and desired GUNs, the guns that I am crazy for so many years and so many times. But, when and how???
Gear I - The most Loved

Gear II - The most desired

Monday, June 20, 2016


The shot in the air, the shot on the branch and the shot on focus is exactly what had happened with this Bird shooting.
Taking forward to bird shooting is extremely hard and time consuming activities. It requires lots of patience and focus every time we get to shoot a Bird. 
Indeed, this is a beautiful bird that I've seen basking on the tree branch near my place. It looks more focused to hunting and flying away to more safe place. But, before it goes out off my view I got this shot more amazingly than I desire it to be.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Concept Of Central School

Everyone felt happy in the beginning with the inception of central school idea and few happy moment to those who've been profited. Whereas, it was not so pleasing for some – students, teachers and parents.

My concept of central school is different. Different in the sense, I want it to be a 'MODEL SCHOOL'. Why can't we merge the same idea into a 'Model School' with better policies, correct curriculum, best teachers and facilities in places? Here I'm not to aver among students but to put a sense of competition and the values of education.

According to our present population and the school going child ratio it is not necessary to earn many central school in a dzongkhag. Let us plan for less, better and reliable school for sustainable Bhutan. How far shall we wait for 'DONATION' after 'DONATION' just to run our system of education or any other offices or are we just for donor driven system to be in place? 

What if our government plan for quality education system rather than simply numbers? What if we look new system more scrupulously than implementing and failing the total system?

My concept of central school is very simple, reliable and durable if we introduce this system at par proper planning and timely implementation and timely monitoring.

My petition to government would be to relocate the appropriate place and only 'ONE' Model School in each district with improved infrastructure – school buildings, better ICT based classroom settings, gaming zones, recreational places, best human resources (teachers and managers) with better pay scale and appropriate curriculum. These settings can only change our education system or else we can never feel the differences, our system for no doubt can fail very sure very soon. 

My other petition to the government is very simple - one model school of all class levels (classes –PP - XII) with the facilities what is given now to central school would solve our problems. Why I'm stating only one Model School is for many good reasons – cost factors, reliable factors, resources factors and durable factors and it's not to doom our present government. We don't want any system that would merely works and runs for 'FIVE' years. 

Our law makers can frame a strong and futuristic policies for the entry to Model School. The provision could be - for extremely disadvantaged students, students who excels in academic, curricular activities, one with best discipline excellence and leadership quality. 

The inception of central school idea was indeed very big but it is not serving the purpose to so many needy parents and students, the radius of five kilometer dimension and so forth had further confused and had created many disparity within one community. When we're getting support from other countries, 'why can't we invest for the things that can last for some decades, which has more value for future, which has some weight'? We've seen teachers working extra hours in all the school to fulfill the mandates of central school but without any benefit, it's so happening that the extra hours is a free service from our teachers to central schools. Students in central school should be a high profile individual, out win best academic result and set an exemplary education institution and remember all of these would come only through many sacrifices from our teachers. I wish our government would look into this matter courteously for sustainable future of the our country. Although, it can definitely cost some at the initial phase but it might cost even more in future. 

The present state of our central school is a complete mess, every students has their own school uniform throughout the year. We don't have any say over this matter. My big worries is about this practices that would cost and create a space of inequity within one school posing danger to cultural diversity.

Although, we can never have any perfect settings and the rules in place yet we can try and have better system together only if we can play our own part. Initially we'll face some grim situations – stupid kids, unworthy teachers and bad parents yet this must not stop us from doing well and finding for better solution in times to come. I think this is the only way we can move forward progressively. Remember, 'the great Rome was not built over the night'.   

Monday, June 13, 2016

Little Creature

Lets save this little creatures as much as we love and safe ourselves.
It is same a human-being in many ways. 
I've aptly loved this little creatures from the time memorial.
I've fallen in love for its great color or pattern combination. 
I've fallen in love for its little dancing in the air.

I usually wanted to be like any one of them;
send my message to my dear parents over the clouds. 
Let us save this to safe environment to continue food chain or survival.  




Thursday, June 9, 2016

Marriage Pie

When every women desires to have a baby and a family, however for some Pakistani women the story is different?

I've seen many parents adopting someone's child as their own when they can't have their own due to some 'Gene Defect' and some even go to an extend of having baby through artificial means. 

When mother has given life to her child, she is also ever ready to take away the life of her own child. 

Despite any circumstances, everyone deserve equal shares of freedom and right to enjoy his or her life. However, for a Pakistani girl the right is not at her hand. A girl who'd married recently without her parent's consent was tortured, doused with fuel and burnt alive. What a selfish act from her own mother? Once a lovely child, then a nuisance and destined to be burnt alive by her own Mother.
Why a mother can't understand her daughter's feelings over her personal choice of marriage or a partner, where she too had gone through the same path?

What so ever is the societal norms for marriage, it shouldn't be against someone's choices and it shouldn't harm anyone anyway? As far as I know and feel it shouldn't be the parent's choices for someone's marriage or selection for a partner - it is not the parent who'll going to spend rest of the life. Getting married is totally a personal matter and a choice. Marriage shouldn't be with the religious norms, color of the skin, high or low cast, rich or poor. If we're making such a naive decision then we're dividing ourselves.   

Of course, we need to look upon some serious matters but not to the extent of where someone is being killed and jailed for getting married to someone. We really need to eliminate such conservative rules on 'love and marriage' at this age of modernization.

To put someone to death upon getting married is something that we need to learn as a parent. Although, the attitudes of many parents are still the same, societal attitudes unchanged through greater education yet if we work collectively we can address this social norms. Now, it's time to think collectively and time to put end to this unrealistic ideology.

Who knows one day this system may also creep slowly into our society. Before, it is late - let us stop such activities to take a root in our soil collectively.  

Let's not make a religion, cast, creed, color, rich and poor a reason to take away someone's right to living which brings unnecessary idealistic in the human circle. 

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Quality of a Good Teacher
With the late introduction of twenty-first century's teaching pedagogy into classroom use, our student wanted their teachers to be with the best quality - physically and mentally. The main aims of introduction of this latest strategy is not to deem our teachers and students rather it is to make our education system more firm, reciprocate and better.

It is good to have a supportive parents and good curriculum for better education. But, more importantly it's far better to have a quality and well set-up teachers in place to deliver the subject matters and that is how we called it 'a education'.
A good teacher is the one who - let his/her students play games and insist to share some educational jokes, respect his/her students, comes on time and teach well, gives short notes, beat students when they fail to do work on time, teaches through the use of ICT, takes students in different places for learning, never hurt students physically, uses board to teach, understand student’s problem, conducts more activities for the topics, is friendly and frank with students, explains topics in detail, gives less homework and classwork, uses proper commanding language while teaching, inspires always, is active and teaches with heart, is a happy person, check notebook on time, is hardworking and sincere, do not discriminate among high or low achieve and rich or poor family background.
If these qualities are there in our teachers, then only our students are going to call us a good teacher. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

When Shall I ?

When shall I be like them? 
When shall a time come for me to earn one like them?
When shall I go more into wild to explore the beauty of nature?
When shall I become like them - professional?
 When shall I say I did a big job that makes me happy?
When shall I go out for a date here with this gadgets?
Who shall understand that I love photography world more than any?
Who shall give me some fund to get one like them?
Its a Mystery!

How shall I get this kind of open photography?
How shall I find a time to get this kind?
How shall I preserve this beauty that never fades?

Monday, June 6, 2016

His Majesty graces 3rd convocation of Paro and Samtse Colleges of Education: 18th feb 2009

King Of Bhutan: King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck
Educating our people is the first step to fulfilling the aspirations as a nation. Just providing free education alone is not enough. Speaking to the graduates, His Majesty said it is also important to provide education with quality that will guarantee a distinguished place for the youth anywhere in the world. 
His Majesty the King said standards must be set in schools. His Majesty said how we address the quality of education now will determine whether we will build strong young citizens who will ensure a long bright future for the nation or fail and confine such a large number of our young children and their children to generations of hardship and struggle.
About 500 teacher graduates from the two colleges of education every year but still there is a serious teacher shortage. To meet the gap, the Royal University of Bhutan has been increasing the intake by 15% every year. There are also plans to establish new teacher colleges in Bhutan in the 10th Five Year Plan.

                                                                                                                                           Source: BBS

Water - The Unquestionable Element

One of the precious gift of the nature, a basic component for the survival of every living creatures on earth is water. A combination of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen makes water molecule which support trillions of life on Earth. Water in general can be define as 'a source of life'. Management on the other hand can simply be defined as - a method or the process of preserving and protecting water for future generation which can collectively help us to maintain sustainability of water.
Over the years, with modernization and human revolution, safety of water is becoming extremely questionable. Although, around one-third of Earth is covered by water, over the period of time severity of water is becoming prominent features in the world. Expansion of human activity such as establishment of mega manufacturing plant and agriculture activities - road construction further exaggerated the life of clean drinking water, which in return bring about massive environmental calamities/disaster for human-being.

Massive distraction of forest by means of developmental activities, forest fire and expansion of motorable roads and infrastructure exert huge pressure on existing forest. A destruction of forest has a direct impact on water scarcity.

As a result of such disturbances on nature, there is unexpected natural disaster such as drying up of water sources, pollution of water bodies and climate change. The disturbance of nature attributes to the livelihood of the creatures which depends on nature for its survival. - collectively we CAN!

Over the period of time human actions gave its way for global warming thus resulting in climate change. While if we see a global scenario on the scarcity of water, we'd easily make out how fast our water sources are depleted and exposed for a greater risk of drying up. Around the globe if we see, people are desperately crying for the need of drinking water. If we continue with the same phase of developmental activities without considering these important natural components, we would end up where we cannot revive it at any cost.   

Let's safe water to save Life on Planet. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Remembering Social Forestry Day – 2nd June

As a nature lover the most awaited day for the year is the 2nd June, substantial in many ways. This is a day to pay back our homage for the Mother Earth by giving back what we have consumed for centuries for survival.  

Great Monarch - King Jigme Singye Wangchuck
The Social Forestry Day in Bhutan was launched under the wise leadership of Fourth Druk Gyalpo in 1979, with the aim to protect and to promote our natural environment same throughout the generations.  

On this special day, I would never forget my great and visionary king – King Jigme Singye Wangchuck - A Global Champion of Earth for his inordinate idea of preserving nature. It is also a day for every Bhutanese citizens to think and realize on how important it is to nurture a tree.

It was exactly on this day - eighteen years before, my teacher taught me to plant a tree, imparted a sense of how single tree plays its role in the society and to preserve our environment for our children. It was on this day my teacher taught me to spell the words – 'Social Forestry Day', but until I reached class IV I didn't really know what it is meant to be. While having grown up into this society, I finally could realized that the importance is beyond infinite until I reached to class X. Then, I was a fully grown up boy who knows what is good for self and the surrounding.

Did you plant a tree without waiting for this day? At least as a boy I've planted good numbers of saplings around my school campus. I'm sure at this time it must be generating some fresh air and some shelters for some living beings. This is a greatness of planting trees around, 'we get back what we give'.

Forests plays vital role in providing - food, shelter, clothing, fuel, water, soil and oxygen that we use for our survival are supposedly comes from the environment that we make.  

Of late, Bhutan has promised and committed to remain not only carbon neutral but to greater carbon negative which is to keep planet safe for all times to continue life existence. But, are we doing enough to keep up the promises of our Kings and the leaders? The only way forward to make a climate smart environment is to have more trees.

Do we always need to wait for this day to plant a tree? If not do we plant a tree that gives us safe life, safe environment?

Let me take this chance to beseech the honest assurance of each individual Bhutanese citizens in conserving our natural resources for all generations by planting a tree sapling each, that can generate sacred and beautiful life for all.

Let's work together to keep clean, safe and pristine environment by planting a tree each on this day.

                         Theme for 2016 - "Plant and Nurture Trees for a Green and Healthy Environment",


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