Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tales Of The Open Road

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The book titled “tales of the open road” was written by a prominent Indian Author of British Descent, Ruskin Bond. It was published by ‘Penguin Books India’ in the year 2006. This book is a collection of his travel writing over fifty years.

Ruskin’s travel writings are mostly found to be well inspired by his only grandfather, “Henry William Bond”. Since, his grandfather was a foot-soldier. Perhaps, he did not have the other choice than to walk.

Likewise, Ruskin has directly inherited the ability to travel like his grand-father. He always found the genuine ways to discover new things, places, people, streets etc...

However, in this book – he stated the life of an unknown adventure, the 'lonely walker' and 'road inspector'.

The ‘Open Road’ tales reflected the glimpse of the plains, the hills and the mountains of - Simla, Mussoorie, Darjeeling, Dalhosie and Nainital. He had randomly described about these places in a beautiful ways.  

An endearing view of these places leaves us captivated within. He stated that "the world keeps on changing, but there is always something, that remains the same" – the magnificent "Taj Mahal”. 

The most unlikely towns of - Chhutmalpur and Najibabad was also come to his notice.

Where in-between his journey on the - Grand Trunk Road, a leisurely ride on the Tonga - “that is nearing to its extinction”.  He stated the beauty of the icy origins of the river Ganga and its slow motion vanishing to west. He stumbles upon robust, good-hearted Punjabis, the gentle dwellers on the hills and friendly strangers with the “frazzled old writer” who loves their company.

He described on - an unseen waterfall neighboring Rishikesh, walks alongside the untold streets of Delhi and stopovers in little tea stall in the hills around Mussoorie.

I was really moved by his thoughts and touched by his ability to describe things. Normally, he takes us to the smaller, lesser-known corners of the country; explained us with the least-famous things that are missed by others.  

Ruskin even shared his experiences on learning new language, customs and religions; the surprising romance in a marriage party. He showed us that we don’t necessarily have to travel around the world to appreciate little places. 

He takes much closer look at the least spoken views and things. Thus, "mysterious are more interesting than certainties".

Thursday, November 27, 2014

‘Good Luck in Your Exam’--- All Tens and Twelves

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Perhaps, commonly seen and send message for exam time made me texture my school days. "All the best of luck in your exam and do well" is the small token sent to wish friends and students in school. Although, it is very humble. But, it has power to give anyone the infinite courage, strength and power to do well.

Now a day; it has become the approach of life. ‘Yes’ - wishing a friends and students has become a culture, a rule in schools.

It has been said that the true self-motivation behind this present days of mankind, is all through this roads. In exam message there is undoubtedly many elements like - truth, trust and inspiration. 

Dear students – 

Today, I stand in front of you all just to wish – “best of luck in your exam”. Since, for you this exam is different than any other exams because this would fetch you into  your life biggest decision.  In deed- at certain point you might confront with hard questions but you can do it as I have seen you working harder than any other days. Just have faith in God and don’t believe in false promises”. 

I think the sole reasons of this reminder would best feel by one who can realize exam binds and brings home the sources of happiness, earning and so... for living, 'a total living'.

Nevertheless, for  the exam, if someone receives - "do well in your exam" message from - dear one, or friends or teacher, the happiness that one felt cannot be measured simply, not even with the famous principle.

Of late – once again, I wanted to wish all class ‘ten’ and ‘twelve’ students a very best of luck in your board exam. I can proudly stand in front of you all with great anticipations and putting God by your side to help you in need. 

"My world has been best defined by some messages and so does everyone around". 

Thank you

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Champion Class Of The Year – 2014

Photo: Mr. sancha rai
Should I say – are we done with the resolution we made in the beginning? – Of-course, 'yes'.

Well, this is my second year of teaching service in zhemgang higher secondary school soon after RCSC appointed me in 2013.

Truly for me - this place is heaven on earth and a pioneering plat form, where I got to learn valuable lessons – first to learn then to teach, encountering senior friends well experienced on the field, meeting smart and encouraging students each year, writing when I go into extraordinary state - since, I believe, writing is all about energy, thinking, patience and so on…

Perhaps, at this moment - I’m extremely happy to be blessed with smart and hardworking students (Class XII Science A students).

Thus, in the very beginning of the year – class XII science A and I’d genuinely taken a sincere oath to do best work in all areas (both academics and non-academics) and we’d as we've promised and said. We didn't let go any work un-attended and un-turned.

And for this, we’re well bequeathed and rewarded as – "CHAMPION class of the year 2014".
Photo: Mr. Pelden Nima
Perhaps, I must state that this is a real sign of encouragement to all of us. It really moved our thoughts to work even better and harder hereafter. It clearly showed that – “hard work never goes in vain and un-paid”. I must say, there are different ways to access hard work - and anyhow? and this is truly one area in school to further encourage our students to be a better people.  So, today with broader smile - I can proudly say nothing is IMPOSSIBLE

Sincerely, I wanted to THANK all my dear students for making our big dream come true, school management for considering our selfless hard work throughout the year, assessment committee for well assessing our daily works and finally myself for working equally with my students.  

Nevertheless, thank you everyone for making and recognizing class 12 A as the champion class of the year and making a grand successful -2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Final words

Dear students,                                                                                      25th November, 2014
Perhaps! we all are sad because soon you all would be leaving us behind. I am here to offer you last advice and experiences on behalf of all staffs and your juniors. I wanted you to know that, you all are very smart and intelligent human being and each one of you is completely capable of succeeding your listed dreams. 
I wanted to tell you the fact of school. Why school is important? Most of would tell you- school is a place to learn and do well in exams, learn math, English, Dzongkha and so on…but, this is not so close. They are all important and true. But, it is not why school is important?
School is important because it is a place where you can learn how to deal with harshness of life when it gets difficult on how to overcome obstacles such as – irritating classmate and demanding teachers. It is a place where you can learn how to ask for help when you have your doubt and push yourself forward.
It is your responsibilities to overcome all of these problems and that can prepare your life ahead of you. Just have faith in me, school’s life is not so challenging. But, I am sure the greater challenges are not yet started.
But, you shouldn’t be worrying about all these facts of life in future, because school is a place where you can learn how to overcome life obstacles. Many a times - I had sleepless night worrying about you all since, I see so many of you giving up and not having faith in your ability. I saw you care-free with life and not having faith in your teachers. Whether you are a top or bottom student is not important. I tell you - the most important is you take charge of your own ability trusting yourself more than anyone to you. And that is just enough.
Start believing in your own ability, brain and understand - that sometimes the short-term pain crafts long-term happiness. I am sure - all those great people in their life would have made greater sacrifices than you all did so far.
                                             "sometimes the short-term pain 
                                                      crafts long-term happiness"
I can tell you all - the marks you get on each exams or ranking top is not important. But, I am not trying to tell you all - it’s useless attending school and obtaining good marks. Here, my point is - how you handle your life, rank more important?. So, becoming self-independent is what needed the most soon after school days. And that is what school and each teacher teaches you till these days.
So long life proceeds, you have to face the challenges and the decision ahead of you each day. So, as long as you all are in our life, we would not let you go empty, quit your life in education. We would have demanded you many things, confronted you, pushed you and challenged you each day. But, if you all stop for a while and think properly - our deeds is just for your resulting survival. We won’t mind if you ignore us in many, and that doesn’t matter to us much.
Our good wishes and regards will always be there along with your everyday breadth. We would always have a warm smile and a wider heart to encourage and push you ahead because each one of you is worth much humane for us.
I am sure at this time of the year - you all might be feeling happy because you all are in the verge of completing your high school days, but more important than this is the next greater and stiffer challenges still to come your way. So, for your future life - we teachers, staffs and juniors will always put God by your side to help you with each defy you face every seconds of life.  
Lastly, I wanted to leave you all with this note. – “Just believe in yourself as long as we believe in you”. 

Thank you with regards and wishes.
(Sancha Bdr rai, chemistry educator)

What is education stands for?

Thank you - H.E. Mrs. Tarja Kaarina Halonen for lighting Bhutanese on the importance of eDUCATION...

Write-up on the subject is coming soon...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An empty lie

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My grand-parents told me - my parents were died in a car accident. I was then survived by them. When inquired on the accident, only they know was over-speeding’. Thus, this is the end of story. 

I was a boy.  I always assured myself not so loved child like others. But, truly I thanked them for replacing my biological parents. So, hopefully their un-ending love and care towards me all these days would remain as far as my life continues.  ‘Their love truly means so much for my survival’

When I could realize – I was already attending high school. I always wanted to find the real lost of my parents. Perhaps, over-speeding alone is not the end. - "Because they are my life, source of living today. They mean my world more than anybody else".

Then, slowly I started to find the real demised of my parents. Yes, I must call this a - "lost always and I know to any best effort I won’t get back my parents". But, still I am determined to find the real police officer who had moved the case.

One day – when I was passing the small pan shop. I over-heard people talking about the car incident.  "Car accident" - Perhaps, it was the old accident. I was then moved by many mixed thoughts of my parent’s mishap. I stopped and pretended to buy a newspaper from the same shop. For a while, the talk has dropped. After buying the paper - I walked few steps away and I started to read. To my surprise, again I overheard same people continuing the same talk. I had listened to them more anxiously than any other talk in my life.  

It isn’t much fun listening all alone and the talked was not so agreeable then. So, by now - I could clearly visualize the clear incidents that had occurred thirteen years before.  Truly, the whole story came down to me from two aunties. - Thank you un-known aunties.

By now, I was sick of over-hearing all those incidences. So, I bowed back and inquired cleverly few questions to those two aunties. Aunties of late forties told me the entire story. – As far as they know, the accident occurred due to carelessness of a police officer. Hence, I must claim, ‘story inside-out’.

Now to me, the outside world has become just a matter of object. Since, I don’t have anybody whom I can rely on except my grand-parents and the two aunties.

Since, I am the person who believes in integrity. So, I was totally moved by the thoughts to find the real police officer that night.

Thus, saddest of all is, I am not running out of my life – called it a dream. Perhaps, if you could believe I was wondering in my false dream. So, this is how I could describe the story of non-existence.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Time to harvest

Much awaited count-down has finally come to its ending – ending with honours. Time to reap what one had seeded throughout the year. It’s nothing less than measuring each subject more wisely. And it is decided by so call EXAM.

It is not un-usual happenings for schools and students all over the globe. Since, exam is something that comes and goes always. But, one thing is certain that - its outcome would remain behind for all times. “Whether one to remain in the same grade or promoted to higher grade”. And it totally lies in the hand of individuals.

Exam really administers ones performance and understanding level of different subjects learned as a student. Moreover - year-end exam decides passed or failed merit. "I must say merit for change".

If one fails then, work of 365 days would go much in futile and that is the time one needed to rewind the clock more watchfully.

At the same time, failing an exam would lay down many things – one not being close with the subject, less focuses while teaching, valued less for learning and many more...

‘17- 11 to 27-11- 2014’ is the busiest and the loaded deadline for ZHSS- nine and eleven students. Time to harvest - what they have sown whole year. So, simply moved by the concept of examination, I wish them a – “Good luck” for all the papers because it assures their whole year’s labor”. Thus, what I can say is- their answers would best judge their ways either to happy or to sad endings.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

2014 - I owe you the most

This year is like no other years in my life. I can’t recall every bits and pieces of happenings. But, I could remember some events for certain reasons. In a way, some of the events had taught me prudent lesson and some have disappointed me. While, few still on the progress.

2014. I am proud to declare – 
it’s my second year into teaching and learning world.

So this year - I was fully loaded with lots of task. Class-teacher cum subject tutor for science students. Remembering their names and dealing with different behaviors is yet another challenge I have faced. We have respected each other and learned all together. We understood each other’s problems; we have learned new knowledge putting it midst. ‘We stand for each other is our motto’

Indeed, this year has spread my wings into writing world.  While, that can best reflect my nature. In a way, I may not be forgotten.  Finally, I made my dream come true and made a lasting story.

Vividly, I could recall the month of June because I was short-listed for master course which I have applied for. Then, I was called for the interview. The interview was over with scarce hope for getting. And, sad to state - I was not selected for it. Thanks to panel members who had patiently tested my knowledge and passing me needful remarks. While, I am thinking to do better next time is my new assurance.

Fete day – the other unique events happened with lots of fun and in un-forgettable ways. It was probably the first of its kind in the school. I have learned great lessons by it. I must say it did not disappoint me rather it had perfected some of my skills.

Finally, the year is coming to its departure with fun and fun. Today, I stand proud as, I had learnt much knowledge and it would remain forever with me.

This year would remain dynamic and un-forgettable moment throughout and hoping to see the same in coming years.

Bye bye 2014….and welcome coming 2015 with un-discovered fun fun fun…

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tribute To Our Great King On 60th Birth Anniversary

His majesty - 4th king of Bhutan
"I wish our great king a happy birthday and long live on this special occasion".

My King – you've born in times of need for every Bhutanese. We always treasure your birth so special. As always you've shown the seeds of right kinds in the Bhutanese soil. You've reserved this land far and wide. You've unified this land so much. You've made this land a heavenly place to live for generation after generation and finally you've made the history of this country by crowning as the world youngest king at the age of seventeenth and that is the 'History For World'.

We owe your leadership more than the governance of great scientists, inventors and philosophers. Truly, you've moved this country wiser than any greatest people in the history of Bhutan.  

As a country we are not economically rich. But, I can proudly say we're richer with good human values. We're living completely in serene, peaceful world than any other people in the world. Since, peace and harmony is given the highest priority than going materialistically richer. We live in the land where materialistic wealth is given lesser importance or simply a secondary option. 

Your concept of GNH over GDP is far enriching and wiser than any super inventions. It has deeply rooted in the heart of Bhutanese. Purely, it’s simple but more genuine than worldly matters. Since, you've always shown the seed of 'Peace and Harmony' in the heart of Bhutanese over selfish survival.

In fact, Bhutan has born many, many great people but not of your kind and vision – you really deserve to be the precious gem of all times. As, you've always stated, people can become rich overnight, rich can buy every materials or worldly existence but not peace, harmony and happiness. So, this wise principle that has born from you indeed has put people into right believe.

Honestly, you have architect this nation in a dynamic ways. You have taught us to be kind and peace loving nation. You have taught us to survive in million ways.  As, we have seen, your ruling being much protected. During your reign, Bhutan has seen and experienced the greatest change; more important than any other changes ever. 

You've made this kingdom secure in so many ways. You've given identity to this land and each people for longer existence. For every good reason and each beginning, we put you and your vision in the first place. You've shown the seeds of happiness and I'm sure it would remain forever.   

So, for every beginning you've always stood in the heart of being human. My king you have truly shown the seeds of happiness in our heart. We became one of the considerate human-being through your unique identity and vision.

Today, Bhutan has become one of the most tourist visited destination owing to your kind design, rule, thoughtful ideas and unique identity that you've shown always. 'Thank You, Your Majesty'.

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Love Letter To My Dear Father

Dear father,

Hope this sweet letter of mine may find you in good health. I always assumed you and mother to be fine and doing all great things. How is other doing at home? Hope to catch them in fine conditions.

I am writing this letter for you since, last few days - I couldn’t dream well about you and mother. So, for the stated reasons - I'm sending this letter to make you feel that I'm missing you and mother so much.

I always assume myself to break and level the mountains between you two and myself. So, that I could see and feel you all days. I could reach you any time and talk to you face to face rather than with modern technology. 

Father, it never suffices my missing you and mother simply by talking in phone. But, anyway for my own survival I've left home for good reasons and you know it better than anyone to me.

Every time I think of you two and recollect memories of childhood and your sufferings in bringing me up to this level but when you two are in need of me and my help I left home and it’s not so fair. But dear 'Father and Mother' I left home with your permission to earn a living. Many a times, I view this world is full of false happenings yet there is no other ways to substitute life. However, I'm not as crazy about every new day-break and night-fall as it just loads me with lots of sadden feelings just thinking of you two. 

Anyway, in my absence please never feel empty and sad. Since I'm doing well with my daily routine d life here.

With much love and remembrance to you and mother, I'm wishing you happy times and safe stay.

Yours Loving Son

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Out - off syllabus

The year is coming to its halt. I have many undone work on my table to complete. The work is pressing me so much and sometimes life goes like that of a busy broker without knowing what is happening next to me. Perhaps, day’s to cherish entirely.

Being a class-adviser, I am accountable for all activities in the class. So, to this fact on 4th evening, my class had organized a special get - together session. I must say, it's the good bye farewell.

Source:     Sancha Rai
At around 5:30PM, my-self with other subject’s teachers headed toward the hall with much tangled mind. They welcomed us sincerely and to our surprise my class-monitor came up to me with a gift and handed it to me with few words of gratefulness. In fact, I was totally surprised to receive the gift. Yet, for good reasons - I have accepted with good heart. It really touched my heart and it reminded my school days as student. Now, I became their guru, adviser and a tutor. Anyway, thank you for the gift.  

For the night, they came with many entertaining programs well planned - jokes, songs, forgiveness speeches to each other and shared few kinder messages for final exams. In the same front, they even asked us to sing a song and we did happily for their delight. Perhaps, the universal believe amid teachers- students were many and so prominent. Whatever, we do as a teacher it has many good reflection in the life of each student. Since, teachers are considered as a role model, idol and best point of references and source of learning.

More than any, we had many special items – chicken, emadatsi (Bhutanese dishes prepared from chilli and cheese), mushroom curry and dal. Out of all, one of the very loved and distinct items on our night menu was shelrotii (item blended out from flour, sugar, clover, baking powder etc...)

After having done with the entertainment programs, we had dinner together. I must state, dinner that really marked our final togetherness. It’s a rare chance we get into such gatherings. By knowing it’s the final time we ate, shared each other’s feelings and promised to be a good human being.

The reactions clearly indicated our dinner seemed to be so special. So, with all the night programs, we had finally adieu good night wishes to each other. Perhaps, such night will never come back again with same face, same time, same charm, same items, same place, same greetings and same wishes. Thank you all for the dinner…

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Games and learning

I am neither a skilled player nor a coach.  But, I felt the need of games and sports in school is one of the important elements for learning. When million can have handsome living through games, why can’t we?  Therefore, I felt the need for games and sports in every school is most.  

I feel there are many reasons behind learning games and sports in school. It normally brings positive behavioral change of the student. Since, gaming is all about having good behavior and good thought process. It enhances the spirit of team work. Since, different games involve different skilled person like somebody verse in rules and regulation, resources, trainer and referee. 

But, at the same time we also came across many of our parents going against playing games because they feel it’s the waste of time without looking into the better side of it. And to be frank they didn’t feel the positive learning through games and sports.

Learning of subjects comes in different forms and there is no exclusion for gaming. For many-learning within four walls of the classroom certain their education which is completely wrong. Perhaps, we never think beyond that limit since we are bound with physic feelings form our ancestor’s time. I felt it high time to come out from the cocoon and start preparing for better life.

Playing different games and sports doesn’t take one into negative road rather one can improve cognation process, rational and mental preparedness. Therefore, with this one can develop positive behavioural change. I too found those who play games, could best manage time as every game is played within certain time framed and one need to be on time for the match. I must say game makes person more disciplined than learning a subject.

These days everybody knows through playing games one can easily earn a beautiful living and besides that even one can travel to any part of the world. So, having known about the fact, why some of our parents and the community are against playing of games and sports.

‘Playing games and sports also helps one to keep body both physically and mentally fit’

With advanced technology, there are countless online games which involve thinking process and mental preparedness. Subject like mathematics can be best learnt through different games and simulation. I must say, games and learning of different subjects goes all together. Learning’s can best happens through games. So, when we can have all these advantages over playing games - why can’t we take gaming and sporting as a part of daily learning in school? 

World Cup Fever

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