Friday, February 12, 2016


Another Deadlock

Was it an accident or intentional one or under the power of drug? The God only can tell the truth behind the demise of a fifteen year old Indian student from the hand of a fifteen year old Bhutanese student studying in Darjeeling.

For our people taking away someone’s life has become a practice. Indeed, this murder case had immensely surprised me but it’s nothing new.

For this little boy what future gave him was not more than 'a criminal soul and a goofy future'. Even after rigorous analysis I wasn't convinced why it is necessary to take away someone's life. There are always better ways to solve problems.

With just around seven hundred thousand population, the place is becoming worst day by day. We can’t imagine, what future lies ahead of us as a Bhutanese today because murder, rape and robbery just are so rampant and common.  

What actually is going wrong in our youth – is it the education system and the mind-set?

When 15 years old boy can do such a big crime openly we can't imagine on what future will give us the next day.

Perhaps, I wasn't surprised to see this news because when as young as few months old baby got raped, why can't this happen? I was thoughtful on why we are embossed upon crime and violence when the country is still graded as one of the least developed country, economy still in countable notes and people still in longstanding century. 

Just few days back we were overwhelmed and engulfed with good news of the successful birth of our Sixth King and now we are sadden with unexpected news of '15 years old boy behind big crime' which is a national concern.

Lately, I don't wanted to become a parent for all of these reasons because one day it could be my child playing the same game. To whom shall I denounce - to culture, mindset or education system?

But, as a student to university graduate and to an educator, I know there isn't any books, any teachers, any friends and any parents who teach on criminalities. Even as a Buddhist nation it is also against our culture and daily norms yet we see increase numbers of people going for all this activity.

When I was a little boy, my grand-father used to say me many foretold augury of today and I could see every nook going the way it was stated. Although, he isn't any great personality like 'Albert Einstein', who gave the idea of 'Gravity'. But for he was as great as Einstein since he'd given me a real future.

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