Monday, February 27, 2017

Common Kingfisher

Common kingfisher 

common kingfisher

Name: Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis
Length: 16cm
Status: Common resident
Altitude range: 140-900m
Locality: Mangduechhu, Bertichhu.
Habitat: Streams, rivers and wetlands.
Food: Fish, worms, aquatic insects.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bird Photography

In the world of photography, the most difficult part is to catch images of live Bird in their natural habitats. Although, we say and see photography is a set of complete package of right amount of light but it’s not always right and sufficient.  There is no certainty about how one can get the satisfactory wildlife images. However, for a bird it’s all to do with their natural behavior and the way they behave with human. And obviously none of the birds are sociable with human beings. It can neither remain in a noisy out-fit of human merriment nor does it a league match to see again and again. By the time they sense your presence, it fly away to distant making it difficult to capture them.   

For a long time back I was thinking to shoot this little bird but it’s never easy. It’s not like somebody directing the position of someone and the best appear like in film, the human drama. Film is the product of many people - director, good photographer and artificial lighting but it’s not the case in wild life photography.  Otherwise, I would have hired many professional film director and light-man to help me get best bird images. So, that I would get the super high definition wildlife images.

The challenges lies in going into the wild and getting some wild life images is only be best known and felt by wildlife enthusiast themselves. Not anyone else.   

Actually, I was chasing this bird for many different occasions and none of the time I am successful. I never got it done the way I wanted it to appear. But this time I am eager at least to write something on the challenges and the better part of wildlife photography.

Bird photography is extremely challenging yet this bird never kept my energy freeze. Although, it has seized my time and energy yet not satisfying picture of it into my list. I am thoroughly in love for its beauty, the body architecture, the colorful feathers combination and the way its dance. It is completely camouflage because it is a stream or river residence. This bird has added my passion to wildlife photography every time I come across. It is immensely inspiring to capture such absolute beauty bringing to life tricky feather patterns and exquisite details into one whole armful images.

Over the year, I have acquired a modest collection of bird images and the skills that is required to shoot a birds in their natural habitats. I have travelled fairly good distance to photograph birds. The surprising beauty of our countryside and the winding mountain roads on every trips has always left me flabbergasted and joyfulness in my face. The journey, my sacrifice for time and family have never dejected me nor will it drain me of my passion for bird watching, wildlife photography and love for nature.

But I am not trying to say that one need to be well armed to shoot a bird images. The rule is completely simple, as far as I know one must have tons of passion, energy and a set of right equipment. Unless, one have deep passion and love for nature the art of going into the wild would be never charming, would be never satisfying. If one has all these in package, the feeling of joy is equally satisfying when a good and quality image is captured. 

Here the message is simple - safe wildlife to safe us, because we are not different!

Slaty-backed forktail

Slaty-backed forktail

This little soul showed me this action when I was busy shooting. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

School Track Suits

Rest In Peace! Bhutanese School Track Suits, according to Local leaders of East.
For them it is above cultural norms. 
Maybe they might have larger vision and greater diversity.
Otherwise, it would entirely humiliate the education's mission of going dynamism.

For many reasons, it didn't even qualify to reach my ear.  
The idea was comprehensively unpromised to far to reach our House of Law. 

It shouldn't be always trial and error test. 
The idea was totally pseudo and not so futuristic.  


 When people in the WEST has already
started planning for 22nd century.
It seemed our leaders are still at large.

When people in the WEST has already
started planning to settle in Mars.
It seemed our leaders are still inside the cocoon. 

Thinking's of our people is -beyond 'Compoundable Interest'.
It can fetches the best price if sold in the market, thoroughly unused. 


Source: google

The Bhutanese Faces

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Zhemgang Trong, Heritage Village On Fire

It is neither easy to see fire gauging the house nor fighting against it is possible with common man’s energy. But if we unite as one and work for it, nothing is impossible.

Honestly, I have seen house-on-fire for the first time and it’s not easy to see someone’s life long hard work and accomplishment going into flames. In front of everyone’s eye the house has become out-of- service, the rubble is all we can see now. I have seen people around had successfully fought against fire with all the possible brand of the energy. The dedication they have put this time was beyond measures.
House on fire
Personally I feel that, Zhemgang is a subject so close to me since I belong to this place for five long years and seen this 'Majestic Trong, Heritage House' every day. It housed almost quarter of total population. I have subjectively fallen in love with the age old stone designed house for so long at the very first sight. The place where I live happily with everyone around, the place where I get to hang-out with families and friends and the place where I get every possible clean and fresh air. I only know how special this place is to me.

Initially the pressure, tension and people squeak mounted to the highest level but due to many hands put together finally we could successfully contained the fire after a heavy battle for more than two hours. If someone ask me to choose between People’s battle and Fire battle, I would rather go for human battle which is far too easy and assertive but not in punching my Wife to black-and-blue.
Scene after fire battle
This time, I have honestly seen the most unity among our people like never before. People from all works of life (i.e. firefighters, civil servants, Police personal, Dessup team, Business community, students) came together to battle the fire, we came together to share the loss and felt the pain together by our helping hands until the last flicker and the last curl of smoke is completely put-off. This is what we are taught from the time we are living a life in this well fenced Kingship country.

We did it and together we can!

In this great tragedy my heartfelt goes out to the owner of the house and to the tenants who resides there with all hopes to live a life. I have seen this time that indispensable disaster equipment and human power didn’t fail at all. When someone was busy thinking on how to control the fire, some busy lost in watching fire engulfing the whole house, few bold-hearted police personal and the selected few of disaster teams who selflessly risked their own life to climb up to the roof to rescue the further spreading of the fire are truly the heroes. If there is someone we could call a hero, it is them who climb up to battle the fire and they are my heroes. They deserve our hands-down!

If someone ask me how you have contained the fire from spreading to next house. I would say we did it together but more importantly there are selected few who did their best job to control the fire. And not everyone was a hero.

After a heavy battle and when the last flicker and the last smoke rolled up into the air, I have seen people around with their satisfied and glaring faces once again. Because no one was injured and fire was successfully put under control from spreading further. If otherwise, Zhemgang would hold another national headline on the same story cover like Chamkhar town had just before few months. Nevertheless, I am happy to see once again the continuity of age old traditional houses built with Bhutanese architect in its same foundation. Although, the real cause of the fire was still at large. However, some unknown source told that the fire initially started from one of the tenant’s kitchen.

But the sad part was before the fire was under control I got my ball freeze to its smallest size possible since the water is icy to touch. Even, if someone drag me to the court of law stating I haven't bathed for so long, I would seek for Trump's Lynch to fence me from freezing my ball.  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Special Gift!

source: kuenselonline
PLEDGES -- Zhemgang Central School
          We pledge to HRH the Gyalsey on his 1st Birth Anniversary that in the academic year 2017, 
          we  shall;
      1.   Read at least ten books during the academic year.
         2.   Always respect my teachers and parents.
         3.   Always abide by my school rules and regulations.
         4.   Always be kind and helpful to my schoolmates.
         5.   Always be friendly with my schoolmates.
         6.   Always do my work on time.
         7.   Work very hard to accomplish my goals.
         8.   Always come to school, prepared to learn.
         9.   Actively participate in school activities.
        10.   Always maintain a positive attitude towards everything.
                    11.    Always refrain from undesirable activities.  
                    12.  Work on improving my communication skills
                    13.   Work on improving my character.
                    14.   Always take good care of school properties.
           15.   Exercise zero tolerance against indiscipline that is harmful to self and others.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rufous necked hornbill

It was a wonderful experience to shoot this high flying bird lately. Everything in photography world won't come easy, every single shot comes through different package from absolute magical shots to most disappointing shots. However, the world of photography never derives me away from it. 

It has been over a month now I am back but still the feel is fresh and promising. This click have made me come back in different mood, not so satisfying. Yet, I got him. Many a times it's not simply awesome to shoot a bird at this angle and the height. Since, one need lots of imperturbability, energy, skills and focus.

Because the way it appears on the branch, height it choose to settle and the land usually is not easily accessible to every common man, it habitually remains almost cut-off from the view of any person and the camera lens. This resulted in a unique climb for this particular birds at its own choice of branch and the height. The richness of its colorful body or highly textured body is yet another cherishable quality it possess. I found a very unique body architecture, food habits and choice for nesting place is yet another unique habits.

I have learned that spending time understanding and fortifying good parts of this bird species is very important and necessary before it vanishes from the world. There are good chance one day, it may appears like ‘Dinosaur’ to our younger generation. In this age of modernization and urbanization phases, trying all the possible ways to preserve this species of birds from its extinction is necessary.

I learned that life can be prodigious without urban amenities that we consider necessary but the life of this bird species is more important to continue. Development is what we want but nature and the quality life for all bird species and including ourselves is more important.

I would tell you, this bird species is not so people-friendly but it is beautiful to watch and see its dance in the cloud. The male appears to be bit brighter in color as compared to its female counterpart, giving its own survival in the nature. The young one can’t fly so easily high up in the sky like adults due to its body weight, any other flying bird could easily beat in their flying accords. I found this bird genuinely beautiful and rich in texture.

Finally, I would strongly recommend people around to make any plan, any developmental activities accordingly, without destroying much of nature and birds habitats. 

Rufous necked hornbill

Rufous necked hornbill in action.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

1st Birth Anniversary

1st Birth Anniversary of HRH, Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck 2017.

I sincerely offer my warmest wishes and long prayers to 
HRH on his first birthday.

Long LIVE!

Source: The official Facebook page of His Majestry
King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

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