Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Landscape trial

Into the world of photography, I'm experiencing better half of my life with more mindful skills and energy than ever.
Of late, I started to believe so much on 'camera doesn’t lie'. 

Perhaps, it's really hard to capture on what one think of the scene. It’s totally different to view outer space with naked eye and with camera in action or in hand.
It’s very easy to say Camera can do whole work before coming into the world of photography and it’s hard to experience thereafter.

Many a times it is pretty demanding to meet with the exact time, exposure, shutter speed and the amount of light that is needed by the image to be of good quality and needless to state that these are the sole components of good photographs or photography skills.
Nevertheless, bucket full of ‘patience’ is yet another most important element one should own in the world of photography and in itself.

 So far so much the gears are taking in right lane and totally enjoying the world of 'camera doesn't lie' each time before I pick-up the camera. 

Source: SBR. April, 2015

Source: SBR. May, 2015 

Source: SBR. April, 2015

Source: SBR. April, 2015


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