Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Roles of a Teacher

Ten main roles of a teacher in school. 
i.   Maintain high degree of class discipline which is indispensable for effective learning.
ii.  Take care of the class attendance and the other necessary key records.
iii.  Prepare the result sheets and progress reports of the class students.
iv.  Regularly check the uniform and the cleanliness.
v.   Act as a bridge between the parents and the students on any issues.
vi.  Effectively implement student’s code of conduct.
vii.  Act as a role model for the students and promote wholesome education.
viii. Coordinate students for all types of class competitions – cleanliness, campus beautification, SUPW, reading programme, games and sports, classroom care and development.
ix.  Provide academic, pastoral care and support to each student in need.
x.   Inculcate good character and conduct in each student. 
 P.S: Thank you -  all teachers for the values that you have given to us. You all are great and we will always remember your kindness and the love that you have shown to us. 


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  2. Those are good rules for teachers to follow.



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