Friday, May 18, 2018

His Majesty's Foolish man's Story gift

His Majesty with Prince Jigme Namgyal Wangchuck
His Majesty interacting with old granny. One of my all time favorite picture.
It was mid–year of 2014, I last saw His Majesty in person when he visited Zhemgang. He is known as people's king. He is always kind and generous for elderly people. He is the most handsome and most admired king in the world today. Anywhere he visit, he never misses to meet students and teachers. For which he believes the future of the country lies in their hands. In the school MPH, I along with hundreds of students and staff have listened to a story of a foolish man His Majesty shared from the book –"what I wish I knew when I was 20.

The story was about a young college student who wishes to win a game of lottery. So, that he can resign early from his job to start up his own business. He can become rich, powerful and a successful person with big house, luxurious car and educate his children well. Therefore, to fulfil all his wishes he started to visit church nearby and submit all his prayers to bless him with his only wish. 

Many years have passed and he became older. But his wish wasn't fulfilled. One day he became so angry and entered the church furiously, he kicked and punched the table and poured out all his frustration in front of the god he used to pray. Oh! God, I have offered my sincere prayers to you for these many years but you did not fulfill my only wish. Hereafter, I give up all my faith in you. The god went silent. After a while god asked the man. "Old man, did you buy a lottery ticket?" The man replied. "No." "How could you win a game of lottery without buying it?" Said the god. 

After hearing the story, I thought how foolish was that man? I felt so pity. But, it was good that at least he knew the rules of winning a game of lottery thereafter. The message is that it is the little things that matter most in life. Everything we dream and aspire may not be always possible and comes that easy.  

Life is all about never getting to the point where you say, I wish I had… Like the man in the story, you can't win the lottery if you have never played the lottery game and you probably will not going to win the lottery if you just played once. I wish I had a Ferrari to drive me safe, take me home a far end dream, if I just wait for my luck to hit my forehead. It is just impossible!

His Majesty also have shared some piece of concern and advice; ample sleep, physical exercise and good diet are some important part of life that can certainly keep us physically and mentally fit for any sorts of works. He also have reminded us about what a good character can do in life, unabaiting stamina is required to go –beyond 90 years and what it takes to be with bad habits. He advises us never to abuse drugs and alcohols at any cost. These two things would certainly torn life apart from loved one, family and relatives.  

His Majesty reading 4–5 books in a months is something incomparable, thus we need to borrow his good reading habits. He humbly told the gathering, he reads books of all kinds; sports magazines, book of economics, autobiographies/biographies of some great personalities, book on politics/countries, history of Thailand etc... To me, His Majesty's reading of Neuroscience book have attracted and fascinated the most. 

No King in the world would share such genuine and valid concern and spent time sharing about his personal life. His Majesty is my all–time hero and a role model. We were privileged in many ways to have a great and a visionary King like him. On His Majesty's 38th birth anniversary, I pledged and commit to read more books. I promise I will be more responsible and keep all His Majesty's words of wisdom to uphold this nation ever high. Thank you, your Majesty for the wonderful story.  
A book titled, "What I wish I knew when I was 20," is a highly recommended book by King himself to all of us.  Let us not forget to grab a copy each or else borrowing is another odds. 

Long live Your Majesty! 

Images taken from His Majesty's personal Facebook page. 

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