Monday, April 6, 2015

Decent In Their Heart

Of all, these kinds of groups were the only decent people around the country to watch Tshechu whole-heartedly. They were the only one who felt the need to preserve age-old tradition is more important than simply going along with the changing time. I felt they're the only one during this season to up-hold and up-lift our nation's good name.

Therefore, simply reflecting olden times and modern times, I felt so much of changes had taken place. This changing time is making me more tense and un-wise.

In the name of changing times, everyone is calling it the ‘21st century world’. What actually is this?  Perhaps, through this kind of un-lawful thinking, every people have changed more to negative. This negative thought makes us think so nano, so negative, so un-productive, and so un-cultured.

Indeed, we don't need anyone to makes us - what we've become and prepared so far. I think we're making ourselves so insignificant and fragile.

Do we want to continue with this???  


  1. Indeed that an old man is true citizen of Bhutan. He came with pure purpose not just as a spectator.

  2. Ofcourse, lets learn some of the good values from these old heart...thanks


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