Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fate Of A Mother

I am totally confused and deeply rooted when I see every mother ‘so loving, so caring, so gentle and so faithful’.

I may have sound little bigoted to those who do not have received/felt the motherhood or word to utter ‘mom/mamma’ in life. But, all I believe is fate takes every chance of life to be great or blessed.  

Photo courtesy: Wandering Eric (Facebook)
Perhaps, today all my thought is under attack by looking at the image posted in ‘Facebook’ by ‘Wandering Eric’ on 21st, April, 2015. It’s simply brilliant and it truly had touched my heart. I’m forced to express my outlooks about a mother carrying her little child inside that basket.

The ‘photograph and the photographer’, has become my point of allusion, it’s just perfect'. His series of images that center normally from rural life style makes me experience many beautiful things that belong to this world. 

Mother’s love in the image clearly showed that her love was well enclosed, well defined and well protected inside that basket. Neither I, nor you would sense the actual feelings but mothers would feel that true essence of ‘basket and the little child’.

How loving and caring is she? What can compensate her love? For, how long she can love her child? Why her love is boundless?

In the total humanity, mother brings every being out from obscurity well known and put into the circle of bigger life events.

But, what happens normally is that soon after the life becomes capable of self-existence everyone forgets and abandoned the hardship that the mother has taken. They simply walk away with independence and nothing more. In a way, mother’s hardship is totally being forgotten, becoming secondary matters. If this is the case how shall we say mother bears the secret key? Therefore, before we forget the pain experienced by our mother. Let us put all our energy and thoughts in right actions to thank our mother positively and judiciously.

As I see the world, the fate of a mother at times is perplexing yet it is necessary. As, said mothers’ love and care’ cannot be compensated with any material body yet if we can try by just being faithful, lovable, caring and dedicated would suffice her heart.

"If I'm given a last chance to utter a word about a mother, I'd state millions of good reasons that makes mother the greatest beings.
If I'm given a last chance to buy a wealth, I'd rather prefer to buy mother than the diamond.
If I'm given a last chance to kiss, I'd kiss her mother more than anybody.
If I'm given a last chance to hug, I'd hug her mother more than she did to me when I was unknown and delicate".   

Let us not forget to pray un-ending prayers for the brevity and sufferings she has taken. Let’s promise and pray every mother’s life and soul to rest in peace, healthy and beautifully throughout. 


  1. As you said it is believed that one cannot repay the mother love in three generations also.


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