Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bhutan emerging as a centre for trafficking

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With development at hand the frequent human trafficking; flesh trading, kidnappings and child laborers are becoming a national concern and to many it had created a sense of impending doom simply.

Our country had already became over exposed to ill-minded dealers around because government of the day is not looking into this matters seriously.  I could see there are still huge lapses un-turned, which need to be address soon else we're heading into more vulnerable state. 

With increasing population we're heading into more delicate society, it is a sign of harmony being slowing disappearing from human mind. This kind of battle has been going on around for unknown generation and it would continue if we do not work for it now. Moreover, it also has more impact than a war, crisis and nuclear weapons as it keeps behind ill-waves in human minds.

The country's development and unlawful activity are like double salts, it never works independently.  But, does it mean that everyone has to experience this sufferings and the pain? 

What we've seen today is not as what we've stated decade before as a promise land, as a safe and a happy nation. Nevertheless, looking at the present scenario and the threatening interceptions we're pushing into more danger and extremely vulnerable society for 'a small Country' like ours. 

And one is the recent abdication case which has put more fear and burdens on the people residing in southern belt. These days our own land had become 'a land of enemy'. The frequent kidnapping cases in boarder areas has really shocked our nations on, 'who is behind this activity and why is it happening again and again?     

But it is happy news for Bhutan as, 'United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime' has come up with other concern agencies like Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) to strengthen the border areas with India more professionally.

As stated by 'The Times of India, Kolkota'.

The workshop on the common issues was conducted with SSB and concern officials form Bhutan at Siliguri to sensitize on human trafficking and smuggling cases across India-Bhutan boarder. They highlighted on the issues becoming more rampant with increased number of population on human trafficking across boarder areas. Many boys and girls are trafficked across Bhutan to India. The current survey also stated that, countless young girls across boarder areas were forced to work for flesh trade business.

They have also stressed on having effective interviewing skills and interrogation techniques to be in place to identify woman or child being trafficked across the border town. They've pointed out the need of passports and strengthen laws on vehicles crossing boarder areas into either country for any purposes.

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