Monday, May 30, 2016

My Learning Ability
Amongst seven billion brains. I am a left brain dominant learners as it is found and proven through research paper on how brain functions and learn about environment. Although, every humans are gifted with same brain shape, size and weight. Yet, it learn differently and uniquely. It is found that brain works best in natural process than through driving someone into learning.  

It is completely a wrong to think every brain work and think exactly in the same way. What I am thinking now may not be as same in a while. What I am constructing inside my brain now and in a while is inversely different than what someone think and plan at the same moment. Thus, brain totally is an independent matter.

As resulted from the field of neuroscience, brain-based learning refers to how one learns about the environment. Learning can best happens through proper teaching process, some through play and some through natural settings of the school environment. The research found that brain learns best on how someone's cognitive development has been nurtured as a child and the environment settings. The brain development takes place naturally and spontaneously on how someone mature socially, emotionally and cognitively through the environment.

As stated in brain based learning theory, I am a left brain dominant learners because I know best part of my innate learning ability as a boy. Although, each brain is uniquely organize and all learning is a physiological in nature here is how my brain works.

I prefer things in sequence.
I learn best from parts to wholes.
I prefer a phonetic reading system.
I like words, symbols and letters.
I rather read about a subject first.
I want to gather related factual information.
I prefer detailed orderly instruction.
I experience more internal focus.


  1. I have also heard a theory, may be a distorted theory now, that a child will be left brain dominant learner if he knows how to put his/her right hand into use before the left hand and vice-versa. But I am short of many things to see the accuracy of that theory anyway, hehe.

  2. Lets explore more of the similar theory la...


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