Friday, September 2, 2016

5 Noble Truth About Bhutan.

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Number 1: Bhutan's isolation
The first national television has arrived in 1999 on the command of Royal King of Bhutan. And internet also arrived only late in 2000.

Number 2: Gross National Happiness
 Although most of the nation measures their development progress through Gross National Product but our visionary Fourth Druk Gyalpo has commissioned Bhutan's core idea of development progress through Gross National Happiness concept. The main inkling of GNH measures environmental protection, sustainable development, cultural preservation and good governance.

Number 3: Environment
 It was relented that Bhutan is the only country that absorbs more cabondioxide than it release out. The only carbon neutral to negative country in the world today at the era of developmental phenomenon. At the same stand forest coverage should remain more than 63% for all times and that was fully roofed by new approach of GNH pillar.

Number 4: Dress code
The dress code of Bhutan is world's big surprise. All the Bhutanese national must wear traditional dress code (Gho for men and kira for women) to work in office and to visit monasteries/Dzongs. We see even more bright and colorful dresses being wore and displayed during the national occasions, festivals/ceremonies. Bhutanese men's gho has the world's largest pocket to hold all necessary stationary for the working days. In fact, for all times we've always surprised the world in cultural and traditional uniqueness.

Number 5: Phalluses
The hanging of wooden man-made Phalluses on the side of every Bhutanese houses is not a surprise culture for us but it's a big, big bombshell for the west. Nonetheless, the paintings of handy and beautiful Phalluses is a common cultural activities to drive away the evil eye and the spirit. It represents a symbolic token of luck, used for house warming rites and represents for many culture demands.

What do you know about Bhutan and Bhutanese? What do you know about outside world? I'm proud to be a Bhutanese. I hold a national citizenship identity of Bhutan and will be Bhutanese throughout. I heard many saying I was born in Bhutan, is Bhutanese, breadth in the Bhutanese air, sleep under the dynamic rulers and will be taking away life in Bhutanese soil. So, I also thought to experience the same and wanted to die in the Bhutanese land/soil.  


  1. I have known all first three through reading about your country and didn't know any about the dress code and the phallic symbols so thank you for sharing. I also am proud of your nationalism towards your own country. I wish to visit Bhutan one day.

    1. Thanks for reading it. There are still many more country's significant symbolic items that are different from rest of the country. I will be sharing in my coming up post about my country, Bhutan. Its happy to hear from you that you wanting or wishing to visit my country. Please, don't assume and expect so much from my little tiny Himalayan country. We don't have any special tower, special items to display and world's most expensive things around, we have just little things that are more relevant to life proceedings. Thanks.

  2. It was a great piece to go through and thanks for the reminder la. :)


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