Tuesday, October 6, 2015

As Simple As This...

Continuation to Dangkhar Community Lodge...
Honestly, how many of us have planned honeymoon, holiday trips and pilgrimage destination within Bhutan? 

So, before landscape and the beauty of the land comes into our mind we start to dream, plan, think and look for a panoramic view of other countries, without realizing our own country's potential. Here in Bhutan, we've already some of the untouched, unreasoned and unseen places that no other land has today. Here we've some of the very original or natural ancient monuments and precious gems which no other country possesses. But, still why we planned for holiday trips and honeymoon destination outside?

What if we can plan a holiday trips, a pilgrim in some of the secret and most holy places here rather than looking for short term happiness outside, where there is already a high risk of getting into trouble and being hacked.

Perhaps, planning leisure destination some where within, one can save huge sum, it is far safer and securer and it can save time and energy.

Although, we can see and experience world's most magnificent products, world's highest buildings, luxurious car, famous film stars, world class cinema hall and most delicious food outside Bhutan but we can never experience peace and security that we've like today in our own land.

When so many outsiders or foreigners plan trips into Bhutan, why can't we planned and try a pilgrim, holiday trips and honeymoon in our own country. 

Perhaps, along with dreaming and planning we should also think for cleaner and fresher air to breath and environmental cost for future generations. 


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