Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bhutanese has a very Poor Waste Management System in Place.

My Team of waste management
It is a century of rapid change in society, in science and technology and in everyday life. It is the age of super-fast computer system, space rockets and genetic engineering. 

But, where do we stand in waste we produce every day. 

The world's population has reached to over seven billion. That means we are producing seven billion different waste every day or tons and tons of all kinds of waste. 

And the question is where is it going?

Although we have Clean Bhutan project, municipal community and Green Bhutan project working onto monitor, sensitize and fix this growing waste problem. However, we experience no less waste free environment everywhere.  

With responsibility in hand, we have learnt that managing waste for a huge public gathering is not an easy affairs. This is because Bhutanese lagged far behind in civic responsibility.

Over the year, global concern such as threat to human life and nature is overburdened with the kinds of waste we produce every day at our home or at workplace. It is the main burning issues we have with everyone, everywhere at easy reach.  

In the recent years, the research have also proven that waste has become a new threat to personal health and new disease every passing year in the market globally. What do we expect more than this?

Despite working early morning in ball freezing temperature, to every-one-hour break and to late evening trying all the possible ways to keep surrounding clean. However, we couldn't do as expected. Since, our people were all far lacked in civic sense.

The sad part was that even after timely remainders we have found more people recklessly dumping their waste anywhere they like. What the hell Bhutanese education system have taught them?  

For the period of 'Zhemgang Melamchenmo' I have taken charge of waste management which is the most steep task that anyone can shoulder is basically to help people around fight with waste problem. And my other intention was to abreast people on the impact of waste.  

To move effectively, we have used different modes of communication and personality to inform our public, business community and highly educated minds about the waste. But, it wasn't easy. The most challenging was to sail and steer ourselves in creating awareness to our business community around.  

We have seen every eyes on the row was eagerly looking and waiting for us to come and collect their waste and clean their environment. As if we have polluted and they have paid us. 

Waste Management team busy in their work. 
If you have visited the place and found the vicinity clean and tidy, it is this group who have sacrificed everything just to keep your surrounding clean. "Thank them and salute them for their countless hardship for the cause of your life". 

My appeal to the Government would be, if such religious discourse is for the good cause and for the well-being of the community there shouldn't be any kinds of business stall -be it religious items or any. I could see and feel that our "Religious Ceremonies and Tshechus" over the year is becoming more like business opportunity. 

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