Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Iron Lady of India dies at 68.

It was neither a good news to millions of Tamilian nor to the parliament house. But, she will continue to remain one of the most influential person in politics and in the film industries. Perhaps, she became more than the goddess of Tamil Nadu politics. She has been a greatest asset to her country in her best pursuit. The women who has ruled India more like 'Gandhian Philosophy.'
Jayalalithaa jee
She has done every preeminent possible ways to bring massive changes in the life of millions of people and uplifted the Indian society than any other women. She had worked so hard, she had risk every bits of her life just for the benefit of all the Indians because of which she had gained a huge popularity amongst the other leaders. She was popularly known as an ‘Iron Lady’ for being tough and firm in her action and ‘Amma’ for acting more than a mother for millions of homeless and to the needy ones.’  

The best part I have seen throughout her political regime and film line is that she has never elapsed to house a loveliest and the most passionate heart for helping and serving millions of forgotten people than any other charity farm.

Indeed, her demises was a greatest lost even to me and to my country. Because I only know "India for Bhutan." "Whatever, happens for India also happens for Bhutan." Nevertheless, Bhutan will never going to forget her firm political career.  

So, when she has passed away she had left a massive void in politics and to the heart of Tamil Nadu, which can’t be replaced easily by anyone anytime soon. I am very sure, it will gonna to take another year or some to forget her long and continued political lives she had for many years, especially from the heart of left-out-people.

In the beginning, Tamilian might have been unsure of whether she can bring any changes or not but after working for so hard and for so long just for the benefit of the people around, she finally had swayed the heart of millions of people. Of course, now nothing can replace her kindness and novelty act than ensconcing her physically in every heart of Indians. And she richly deserves it, hands-down.

I have learnt that - only a life lived for others, is worth living. Only a life lived as an austere silence is worth living.

Robin Sharma stated that, ‘when you die, who would be there at your funeral? Who will speak? Who will cry? And who will still be loving you? But, to 'Jayalalithaa' the story is different, very different. Whole India morns for her demise and whole world can felt the loss of her political drama that she has brought and fought for the right of every people and to her mother land. 

How many of us can be like her? How many of us can work like her? How many of us can create new history by fighting for the country and the people though a political and social war?

Although, she isn't in the living form now yet she has become a revolutionary lady leaders. She has gained the heart of all Indians through long and fair political career and through her great novelty. She had never lived a life of vagabond! 

As a political leader and a mother of millions of people, she had fully fancied her life more than any other duties. So, looking at her political career path, it seemed that she might have undergone a continuous and a sharp discipline life as a child, which had shaped and taught her wisdom but before she had failed to recover her equanimity she had left the world, making millions of people unhappy.  
When you have left for peace, you have left this.

As a Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, she always had guarded her country and the people like her own family. More than a political elite, she had also never forgotten to act like a Mother and guard like a Father to her nation, has crown her numerous dignity.

As a political leader, she always had remained a symbol of strength for many women and even to many men. She fought against so many odds to make a name for herself in a male dominated profession like politics.  

With all her deeds, its time for all Indians to satisfy her entire political whims. With all the hopes and prayers, let she continue to remain ever-green in the hearts of Tamil Nadu  and to the universe, let you annihilate the universe that will turn to stronger and mighty yet again even at your absence. When you have passed away, you have left the foliage in the woods, hope time will change it. I hope you will continue to remain as always in the hearts of your people, not as a political elite, not as a film actress but as a great beings, a great Mother.

I only can say that, heaven isn't your home, everyone wanted you to come back to Earth soon, where you have planted the seed of Happiness, seed of Family, a seed of great Parenthood and a motherly nature to heal the lost heart. 

More importantly, may your soul rest in peace is all my wish! 

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  1. Sir, nice reading about the demise of a great political leader. I am a enthusiastic lover of Robin Sharma. Robin observed that if we make a differene in millions of lives, and be the change for the world, the world will moan and pay tribute to us but if your existence is idle, 'no one will cry, atted the funeral'. So i found a little contradiction in the above lines.


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