Monday, December 12, 2016

Dear ALL!

13th December – What can you say? For me, the day I hate the most, the day I never wanted to be in, the day I never wanted to remember and experience.

I called it - the doomsday for Bhutan! And I feel this is a serious national concern for the country. For a small country like ours – the night will be more expensive than 9/11 attack because our own class ten and twelve students won’t mind to rob the country after having learnt all the good values of life in the school. As, it marks the formal ending of the exams, which also marks the ends of all the academic activity nation-wide. But, in the past it was found that main victims of the night would be our teachers and their properties. Their mistake emancipate out in the form of anger and frustration to street lights and bins with black-out-kicks.

Once the exam gets over, they claim to end every proceedings of life, they will start to act as if they have won the world trophy, as if they won't be living on this soil and as if they have conquer the world in their power. They even forget their relationship with teacher, parents and government. The fact is, we even forget to buy a salt!

But, here I am not claiming to say that our education system, schools and teachers are not doing well. I finds everybody is up to the mark. However, I feel there is some misunderstanding of cultural inhabits over changing times with our young stars. With the shift in modernization everybody wanted to live, act, dress and look like Korean. They choose to use smart phones. They wanted to earn some luxurious car – like Ronaldo earns today! When they copy others culture, they personally forget to become Bhutanese - by acting so rude, on the night even the simplest one will also become the most dangerous.

It is the night 94% of our boys and girls would be sinking inside the pool of alcohol, 0.51% would abuse drugs, 0.79% wouldn’t mind to go for romantic outing, 3.9% would go out for dinner with their family, friends and loved ones and 0.80% would look out for some possible partners to spent time in the mood of completion of exam. But, for those who can’t be within this circle, the night would be longer than the usual hour, moving through all the imaginative test score and dreaming about all the stealthy unmarked papers.

But, is it not same for some. I am sure deep inside the freezing night many of our teachers in boarding school across the country would be silently safe-guarding their school campus, the Royal Bhutan Police would be busy eyeing the town community and health workers would remain busy fixing and repairing the broken bones and arms of our students. And I find this is a very serious concern we have been hearing and experiencing over the years.

What is our Government doing on this Youth issue? Did they think of such act from our students or they want to let our new generation to continue the same fever?

If our bureaucrats fail unwisely to address on this issue soon, they are never far away from getting kick on their ass!

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