Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 2

3rd, King of Bhutan and the Queen. 
May 2, of every year is marked as the Teachers Day coinciding with the birth of the Father of Modern Bhutan, His Majesty the third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. 

The same day was marked to give an importance of the introduction of modern education system in Bhutan. Over the years some of the educational reforms has changed. However, the base of the education system has remains almost the same. 

Celebrating Teachers day simply means a lot for every teachers working far across the country. It symbolizes the importance of education, hardship born by teachers working in the field, education an inevitable subject for everyone's life and the power of education for one's living. 

On the day, all the teachers across the country get due recognition of their hardships and to work even harder in times to come. The message is so fine that nothing can beat education.   

My Facebook page and timeline was thoroughly flooded with -"Happy Teacher's Day, SIR!", messages from my teacher friends and dear students. This is how I am at least remembered once a year. This is the power of education, just salute for it. Let's put Education First!

Happy Teacher's Day to all my teachers and lecturers. The excitement among my blood stream today is palpable, to even leave a message to my parents for being my first teacher. Had you all been not there, my life would have been different and unique. Anyway, you all have shaped my living. 
Thank you all!

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