Thursday, September 4, 2014

Read Zhemgang HSS

I ruminate reading is the mother for every education. For all, if reading becomes the first cradle of learning, no doubt world would become best place to rest in. Likewise, life would furthermore become best to remember and cherish for endless era. 

10 minutes assembly reading
With many kind and awaited greetings, September started with packed fertile responsibility for Zhemgang family. Reading is not the first word to define here but reading for many seems to be the hardest tasks to start life’s learning. Of all, reading is what most of our Bhutanese don’t care much and that is what we are lacking far late. So, to develop reading habits, Reading week all over schools in Bhutan observed once in every year and no exception for Zhemgang HSS. 

To promote healthy reading habits and to train every single mind on significance of reading, 1st to 8th of September, Zhemgang HSS is observing and celebrating a reading week with much enthusiasm. For reading week there stand numerous activities – Class wise wall magazine rivalry, reading for every ten minutes and forty minutes after National Anthem and sixth period respectively, Selective readings in assembly hour on lucky draw basis and finally house wise debate competition will end reading week for ZHSS. 

God of wisdom too is reading these days
I am sure and very serene on all the facts and the activities the school is organizing to mark the importance of readings. With all of the week activities, I am pretty sure it would really benefit all students-teachers on reading culture. 

Reading is to the mind and rest to the body is what I believe much as though reading one can imagine life proceedings. So, if reading is the first chapter of learning animal called human beings would become more rational. Through readings one can gain basic skills needed for life endeavours, easily conquer the world, can travel round the globe within a second and can fantasize the world with beautiful possessions. Nonetheless, reading can calm and train raw mind-set. 

In the world, most expensive currency in twenty-first century is knowledge. And knowledge originates only through readings of countless books. Therefore, books are the subtle window to outer world. Well, if reading becomes ones greatest existence for life, living a life wouldn’t become a fairy tales. 

For wise and decent life, most affluent ornament is not diamond and finest Gold but it would be reading and writing a book. Thus, if these become a daily life routine, one might bestow with luxurious life ending. 

If reading makes a wise and enriching world, every individual must read and write. Every individual must caught hold of any reading materials. Every individual must start to find a, b, c… and that is my message for reading week.  Happy read Zhemgang clan.
12 science B during 40 minutes reading time
A synthesis for reading week by Sancha Bdr rai,
Chemistry educator (Science faculty)


  1. Great initiatives taken by the ZHSS family members. Reading is the only window through which we can see the panoramic view of the world.

  2. Sancha sir, the second last stanza is just jammed with essence of reading. I savored it much. The adage, "You can read but if you don't read, you're no better than one who can't read" sums how reading is important. Thanks.

  3. For ones who love reading, i think every day is but a reading day!..nice to know

  4. Thank you all for leaving me a comment la...Hat-off for ur comments and see you all the time leaving me a comment...Thank you all

  5. that is a good initiative and hope it will result in many kids developing reading as their habit. some day a writing week would also make sense in schools.....kudos.

  6. Thank you Gyembo sir for commenting me la...I will try making your dream come true in coming times la...Thank you for the new ideas... I will try to take part in writing week also ...

    1. I am happy you took my suggestions seriously. i really hope, it brings out creativity in our budding children la. best wishes.

  7. I have passed out from this school in 1993,now I am in India still I miss those old days there,it was tough that time but we enjoyed every moments of our school life then.I wish all the students to excel and try to keep the name of the school in the top list.Best of luck every body.


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