Tuesday, September 1, 2015

e-ticketing service and smart card system!

What is this e-ticketing service for illiterate individuals?  And smart card system in pipeline? Perhaps little confused but the upcoming and streamlining of the system is a new journey, a new chapter and a new road for Bhutanese.
City Bus Stand Thimpnu
In the hope of greater public transport services in the capital city, the e-ticketing system for the city bus users. But the fact remains on how the new system would functions in Bhutanese society where maximum are not well informed and educated on where and how one gets excess to it.

With the new introduction of service, tickets for travellers will not be issued inside the bus, but have to be purchased from an authorized e-ticket outlet. The e-tickets will be available at shops that sell e-mobile vouchers, of which there are around 75 in Thimphu. But, the big question is where and how do our people travellers can find these outlet?
Will that outlet counters available for 24/7 and is it at possible accessible point? What about the people wanting to ride from the middle point or some common junction where there is no outlet ticketing services?
City Bus For Capital 
Let me say what about the people residing as far as 'Simotokha, Basesa end, Hejo, Dechenchholing and so on'. Is it that they need to buy e-ticket from the town, go back and take a ride in city bus or can it be possible to get e-ticket at any point. Otherwise, I found little confusing on adopting the new system although it came for many good purposes in benefiting our commuters, else there has to be clear and easily accessible outlet services for e-tickets.
The service should benefit the travellers else it would become a doom rather than easing a common problem. The concept of bulk tickets available for Nu 50 and Nu 150 that can be used for multiple journeys is yet another problem, what if someone loses the ticket, what if someone miss uses someone’s ticket, is there any identification and judgment over this? 
The concept of introducing new system is to manage the working of whole system more effectively and in professional ways but what about the existing service, what about the existing ticketing system that is being handled by the bus Driver and the conductors? Are they not responsible else appointing some of more responsible heads that would ease better than going with alien system?
Although we are relying on the old fashion of boarding city bus services but the new system is yet another challenging. Since for a short ride one has to travel all the way into the outlet center and access the service, one need to put in so much of energy, needed to check all the possible outlets for simple five minute drive.
However, the main idea of introducing e-ticket system is to lessen the revenue leakage but what about the reliable and efficient service to the public hereafter, city bus users. The main concern is for someone wanting to use city bus services during emergency travel or any point users.
What about the smart card system? On what point the introduction of smart card system is felt necessary for just few thousands of people? Did Bhutan reach to the point where the introduction of every foreign idea or system possible without being studying the feasibility nature. Is it Bhutan wanted to be too dependent on the foreign concept rather than dipping oneself into our own system and the nature of development. The concept of e-ticket and smart card system is for the well developed country where there is every excess to the facility and for the more educated people from the very old times. 
What if they study the feasibility first and implement the system that would benefit entire nation rather than implementing and trying and finally failing the system. It's more like playing a trial game and if it works implement otherwise it will be a lost game, it will be a huge lost for country's economy and as a whole we are failing as a nation. Check... check.... check...before implementing any new system…


  1. I don't know what future holds for the e ticket system but the most outrageous thing was the launch pad for the e ticket. It was launched at the small stretch of space with a traditional tent pitched near the busy expressway, near the Chang bangdu bridge. Whose outrageous idea was this? This caused heave traffic jams yesterday morning and I heard later that some accidents did take place. The personnel whoever organised this launch beside the road is insane......did he find no other place in the entire city vicinity....outrageous........

  2. Thanks for the newest updates from the city...thanks


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